Debbie McGee explains how she really got nickname from Paul Daniels ‘They picked up on it’

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Radio host Debbie McGee, 61, reflected on the first time her late husband Paul Daniels introduced her to listeners on their BBC show. Speaking on her podcast Spill the Tea with Debbie McGee, she insisted she is surprised that the term has stuck with her for so many years.

I don’t think it’s to do with me being lovely

Debbie McGee

She began: “I’m going to tell you how I got the title of the lovely Debbie McGee.

“It wasn’t really, I don’t think it’s to do with me being lovely, it was the very first series I ever did for the BBC with Paul Daniels.

“And the first episode I was involved in, my introduction was Paul saying, ‘And here is the lovely Debbie McGee’ and it just stuck.

“He used it every time he introduced me, so other people picked up on it.”


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She continued: “If I went to do the radio show, they’d say, ‘And here is the lovely Debbie McGee’.

“And here we are over 30 years later, on my BBC Radio Berkshire radio show, my jingle is, ‘You’re listening to BBC Radio Berkshire with the lovely Debbie McGee’.

“Who would have thought people would still be calling me it? It’s a nice title to have.

“It’s better than, ‘The horrible Debbie McGee’ isn’t it?”

In a recent episode of her podcast, the former Strictly Come Dancing star discussed meeting her long-term husband through the showbiz industry.

Despite Paul being a famous magician, Debbie admitted she had “no idea” who he was.

After getting a job as his assistant, the host said she called her parents and asked them if they had heard of him. 

“She explained: “When I got home that day, I rang all my friends you know, said to my parents, I’ve got a job for the summer with this guy called Paul Daniels.”

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Debbie said she asked her parents: “‘What does he do? Is he a comedian or something?’

“And they said, he’s a magician. And I went, ‘Oh’ Because I hated magic.”

After strucking up a romance, Debbie and Paul tied the knot in 1988.

They were married up until his death in 2016.


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The magician died after being diagnosed with a brain tumour aged 77.

After his death, she said: “From diagnosis, he died four weeks and five days later, so there wasn’t time to think about what was happening.

“We just had to get on with the situation and look after him.

“It wasn’t until after he died, that the huge realisation kind of washed over me. I am out here, on this earth, on my own.”

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