Dan Wootton: The way Tatler wrote about Carole Middleton is ‘sickening’

While I don’t believe every royal and royal-media conspiracy out there, I enjoy them and I like trying to work out the various puzzles of why certain things are happening to certain people at certain times. So it is with Dan Wootton’s curious relationship with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. For more than a year, Wootton has had an inside track on so many royal stories involving the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Duke and Duchess of Sussex. It’s easy enough to believe that someone high up in the Kensington Palace office is leaking quite steadily to Wootton, and that he finds it advantageous to smear the Sussexes and embiggen the Cambridges.

But Wootton also did a lot to break the story of Rose Hanbury and her alleged (!) affair with Prince William last year. Some theorize that after sort-of breaking that story, Wootton helped William and KP bury it, but there was a significant tit-for-tat involved, especially given his steady stream of Cambridge-exclusives following the Rose story. All of which to say, I was eagerly awaiting Wootton’s take on the Tatler debacle, which the Cambridges can’t stop talking about (hilariously). They’ve already run to Emily Andrews, Richard Kay and Katie Nicholl to cry salty white colonizer tears, so I figured it was just a matter of time before Wootton got a call. And how! I actually didn’t expect him to pick on the “Carole Middleton is gauche” part of the Tatler piece, but there he goes, quoting from Tatler:

Tatler has every right to report on the soap opera-like behind-the-scenes dramas that have beset the young royals. Just as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have the right to push back on aspects of the society magazine’s cover feature this month on “Catherine The Great” that they can prove are inaccurate. But, having read the article, it is the truly repulsive way this bible for the elite continues to write about the working classes that makes my skin crawl.

Take these dripping-with-bile passages about Carole Middleton, who hasn’t put a foot wrong despite being in the unenvious position of being the future queen’s mother (an unpaid role) and a successful self-made businesswoman. Long-time royal reporter Anna Pasternak wrote of Kate: “She suffered the indignity of the ‘doors to manual’ jibe (a reference to her mother Carole’s former role as an air hostess) and needles about her ‘common’ family background – Carole being ‘NQOCD’ (Not Quite Our Class, Darling) for having been born in a council flat in Southall and descended from Durham coal-mining stock… Plus, horror of horrors, Carole allegedly ‘chewed gum’ during William’s passing-out ceremony at the Sandhurst military academy.”

As a working-class lad whose paternal relatives were miners in Newcastle, it sickens me that the elite in this country still think it’s appropriate to talk about us like this. Have these stuck-up snobs learnt nothing about the dangers of judging someone because of their social background? Publishing such nonsense and allowing these toffs to think it’s OK to keep talking this way is so damaging. So if anything, Tatler should be shunned because of the vile way it perpetuates a class system that does so much damage to society. Not Quite Our Magazine, Darling.

[From The Sun]

Yeah… this was shady?? This was his first “comment” on it and all he’s got is that he too is from a working class background and people shouldn’t be so snobbish? Like, that’s THE WHOLE POINT. It’s Tatler! It’s read by all the rich bitch aristocrats! Those were the same rich bitches who decided to put Dull Kate and her social climbing family “in their place.” Besides, if Tatler had taken down Meghan in this way, I’m sure Wootton (and Nicholl, Andrews and Kay) would have delighted in it, the idea that Meghan is so terribly middle-class (and black!).

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