Coleen Nolan was left horrified by doctors comments after suffering a miscarriage

Queen’s portrait: Coleen Nolan discusses royal family

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Coleen Nolan, 56, has revealed how she suffered a miscarriage while married to her ex-husband Shane Richie. The presenter shared her personal story on Loose Women earlier today, following the news Boris Johnson and Carrie Johnson are expecting a “rainbow baby”.

The Prime Minister and his wife sadly lost a baby at the start of this year.

Opening up on her own experience, Coleen revealed she suffered a miscarriage not long after welcoming son Jake, 28.

She said: “I remember I had a miscarriage after I had Jake, he was still a baby.

“It wasn’t planned, but it happened, then I miscarried very early on, I mean, it was next to nothing.

“But I was horrified at the doctor that came to my house. We’re talking 20 or so years ago so hopefully, it’s different now.”

Coleen, went on: “He came to my house, he didn’t know that I haven’t planned this baby forever.

“He literally walked in, put his hands on my stomach and said, ‘Yes, you’ve lost your baby. 

“Just go to the doctor tomorrow, and they can give you a scrape.’”

The musician went on to explain how the incident impacted her at the time.

“That’s what he said, and left my house,” Coleen added.

“I sat there and thought, ‘He doesn’t know that he hasn’t just absolutely devastated lives’.

“He had no feeling at all, it was just, ‘Yeah, whatever, nature’s way.’ I am glad it’s definitely changed from there.”

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During the segment, Coleen went on to reveal that her sister, Bernie, also experienced a miscarriage.

She recalled how the loss affected her sister’s husband Steve, admitting: “It hit him so hard. 

“We didn’t know at the time because they went away very privately.”

Coleen is mum to Shane, 32, Jake, 28, and Ciara Fensome, 20.

Over the years Shane and Coleen have spoken on separate occasions about the difficult times in their marriage and how it came to a devastating end.

Coleen and Shane first met in 1986 when they were both in their early twenties.

At first, the couple had planned to wed in a big ceremony four years later, but instead called it off and eloped to Florida.

They eventually split in 1999, and Coleen went on to marry musician Ray Fensome. They divorced in 2018.

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