Claudia Winkleman: Strictly host ‘blown away’ after surprising news ‘I can’t believe it’

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Claudia Winkleman, 48, revealed that her first-ever book Quite had stormed its way to number six in the book chart. The recently released memoir has been extremely popular amongst readers, with its “no holds barred” account of her life up until today.

I can’t believe this

Claudia Winkleman

The Strictly host wrote on Instagram: “I can’t believe this. Thank you so so much to everyone who has read, written about, borrowed and talked about Quite. 

“I’m completely blown away. Thank you,” she added.

In response, fans congratulated the star on her achievement.

One replied: “I loved ‘Quite’. Stayed awake until 3am to finish it. Sobbed at Jake leaving. Laughed like a drain at so many of your funny turns of phrase. It’s just what we need in these strange times. Hope there’s another one soon.”

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I can’t believe this. Thank you so so much to everyone who has read, written about, borrowed and talked about Quite. I’m completely blown away. Thank you. X

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A second said: “I started listening on my walk this morning. Firstly thank you for doing the narration I find it makes such a difference to audiobooks when the author reads too. Owning the words is so important to the listener. I am only a few chapters in but love it so far.”

A third commented: “I’m so excited to start reading it, I had to get a signed copy, can’t wait.”

A fourth typed: “I’m halfway through and enjoying every page!”

Previously, the author has shared snippets from the book, including one detailing her feeling of “Imposter Syndrome”.

Claudia admitted: “Here’s the thing: I think a bit of imposter syndrome is incredibly useful.

“It’s good to ask, ‘why me?’, it’s tremendous to think this will end in disaster, it’s excellent to question how you got there in the first place. 

“Nerves, worry, a low-level, ‘Im going to get caught out’ makes us better at our jobs, it’s as simple as that.”

Claudia has hosted Strictly Come Dancing together with Tess Daly since 2014 and the pair are firm friends.

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They both have admitted to still getting nervous when they walk down the stairs during filming.

Speaking on the official Strictly Come Dancing podcast last December, Claudia said: “I should say we’re excited but when they say, ‘Time to go down’, I get incredibly nervous.

“I suddenly feel a bit sick and I’m like ‘ugh’ and people are watching and I’m not ready!”

Tess continued: “And then I say don’t worry the adrenaline will kick in, we’ll be fine because once the adrenaline kicks in for the live show it’s like rocket fuel, takes you off and carries you with it.”

And as well as a reassuring comment, the pair also share a “secret signal” for good luck before each episode.

Tess explained: “We have a little secret signal and we can’t share it otherwise won’t be secret anymore.”

“But we have to do it. And if we don’t do it, it will all go wrong and sometimes they’re like and in five, four, three… and I’m like Tess!,” said Claudia.

Strictly Come Dancing airs next Saturday on BBC One at 7.25pm.  

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