Chelsea Thinks The Kids Catch Her & Raven In a Lie In New ‘Raven’s Home’ Clip (Exclusive)

Chelsea and Raven have perfect timing while walking into their apartment in this exclusive clip from an all new Raven’s Home!

The two walk in right as Booker says, “They are fakers and liars,” and Chels immediately thinks he’s talking about them.

In tonight’s new episode, “Baking Bad,” Booker, Nia and Tess discover a baking blogger is passing Nia’s photo off as their own social media avatar while writing mean-spirited reviews.

The kids try to unmask the culprit before Nia’s real-life reputation is jeopardized. Meanwhile, Raven and Chelsea are trying to clear up a mix-up with a client and Levi is busy redefining his middle school image on social media.

“Baking Bad” premieres TONIGHT (October 23) at 8pm ET/PT on Disney Channel!

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