Chelsea Houska Stays Fit In Quarantine, Flaunts Weight Loss In Latest Selfie

Chelsea Houska is probably not the first cast member that springs to mind when casual fans think of the Teen Mom franchise.

She’s not as dramatic as Farrah Abraham, as troubled as Leah Messer, or as villainous as Jenelle Evans.

But as the most content and drama-free of the moms, Chelsea has become an aspirational figure for young fans who want what she has:

The handsome husband, the cute kids, the big house in the country — and oh, yeah, the massive bank account.

Because of her immense popularity with a certain subset of TM2 viewers, Chelsea has become an in-demand influencer, striking lucrative deals with brands big and small who want in on the Chelsea Houska business.

In recent weeks, Chelsea’s modeling work for clothing brand Laurie Belle’s has been getting a lot of attention.

Not only are her followers enamored with the styles she rocks, they’re also fans of her trim figure.

Chelsea posted the selfie below earlier this week, and the pic exploded with likes and comments.

But as always, haters are gonna hate, and some fans think Chelsea looks a little too thin in her latest pic.

“She keeps getting skinnier. I have always been a fan but yeah, pretty sad,” wrote commenter.

“Super thin … not saying she’s not healthy, but I liked her better with more weight,” another follower remarked.

“I liked her better thicker,” a third chimed in.

Thankfully, other fans were quick to point out that there’s no reason to believe Chelsea is anything other than healthy.

“You guys… it’s also what she’s wearing and how she’s posing that makes her look so slim,” one fan wrote.

“She looks great and I’m sure she works really hard to look so good.”

It’s worth noting that one of Chelsea’s partnterships is with the weight loss brand Stanford Profile.

Houska lost 50 pounds following her most recent pregnancy, and says she’s stuck to a strict diet and exercise regimen since welcoming her youngest child.

So if she’s looking a little more slender than usual these days, you can bet she lost the weight through healthy methods.

It’s rare that Chelsea receives criticism of any kind.

In fact, you’d have to go back to the incident in October of last year — when fans accused Chelsea of mistreating her mother on an episode of TM2 — to find another time when she received so many negative comments.

Fortunately, Chelsea still has far more fans than haters.

And as long as the positivity — and the endorsement deals — keep rolling in, we’re sure she can handle a little criticism.

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