Carol Vordermans second husband in brutal swipe at her when they first met at wedding

Carol Vorderman reveals how she was set up with husband

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Carol Vorderman has opened up about the first words her second husband ever said to her. The Countdown legend revealed all during her BBC Radio Wales show.

This bloke turned out to be my husband in the end

Carol Vorderman

The 60-year-old got candid about her own experiences as she asked listeners to spill their matchmaking tales.

Martin and Shirlie Kemp, who were famously brought together by George Michael, were guests on the programme.

During the opening part of the show, Carol spoke about how her pals got involved in her romantic life.

Thankfully she could recall one big moment when it worked a treat – before quipping it was only for a decade.

Speaking to her co-star Ian Gough, Carol said her best friend from university set her up at her own wedding.

The mother-of-two was asked to be a bridesmaid for her in her late 20s, but the dress left a lot to be desired.

Comparing it to the costumes in film Flashdance, she described it as being blue, white and thick with a matching headback.

It was her attire that was the hot topic during her first conversation with eventual spouse, Patrick King.

Carol remembered: “I went into the reception, and this very tall – as I always called him – tall, dark, missed out the handsome bit.

“This tall, dark stranger said to me, ‘Excuse me, John here says you look like a perambulating sofa in that dress’.”

The brutal swipe Carol said she knew was from Patrick, and not the other mystery man.

The star continued: “This bloke turned out to be my husband in the end. They’d invited him specifically to match-make the two of us.

“And still they put me in that dress!”

Carol and Patrick started “going out immediately” after that encounter and married 18 months later.

The couple wed back in 1990, but sadly split a decade later.

They are parents to Katie, 30, and 24-year-old Cameron.

“Your friend’s got a lot to answer for, that’s sneaky, isn’t it?” Ian quipped after her story.

Carol added: “Yeah! But they did it well, they just knew we were both a bit out there.

“Matchmade in heaven for 10 years, and then not so much. We don’t talk about that bit!”

The small screen regular was also married to Christopher Mather between 1985 and 1986.

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