Briana DeJesus: Did She Just QUIT Teen Mom 2 on Instagram?!

Earlier this week, we discussed the declining popularity of the Teen Mom franchise.

Despite the fact that both Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 added new cast members in recent years in an effort to keep things fresh, both series are in dire straits with regard to their ratings.

So if Briana DeJesus is just bluffing as part of her negotiation tactics, then she should probably select a different strategy.

After all, producers probably wouldn’t mind a lighter payroll these days.

Yes, fans are convinced that Briana is threatening to quit Teen Mom 2.

She’s done so in the past, most recently when her boyfriend refused to get tested for Covid-19 leading to a shut down in filming.

Fortunately, the dummy eventually gave in, and Bri’s job was saved.

But DeJesus’ latest post has some fans convinced that she’s actually going through with it this time.

However, it seems like they’ve misinterpreted the situation and really jumped the gun.

The speculation began when the producer who has been working with Bri for the entirety of her time on the show announced that she won’t be collaborating with Bri and her family any longer.

“The DeJesus family is amazing and I’m so grateful to have met them and to have been their producer,” Anne-Marie Robinson wrote on Instagram.

“Bri is honestly an exceptional mom and Roxanne and Britt care more about the lil ones and each other than life,” she added.

“Being around such a supportive, loving family every day was truly a blessing. Love you guys!!”

It’s not hard to see how some fans might have interpreted that as a sign that the DeJesus’ won’t be appearing on MTV any longer.

And the fact that Bri re-posted Robinson’s farewell message only added fuel to the fire.

DeJesus has always been a divisive figure, so some fans were quick to celebrate what they saw as a sign of her retirement from the show.

“Good, peace out,” one follower commented.

What they failed to notice, however, was that other posts from Robinson clearly indicated that she’s retiring.

In fact, Bri reposted a pic of a balloon that read “Happy retirement!”

Fortunately, some fans were quick to pick up on this not-so-subtle sign that it’s Robinsion who’s leaving the show, not Bri.

“Eh, the producer could be retiring honestly,” one commented.

“And she loves to keep y’all guessing. She posted that on purpose guys,” another chimed in.

Did Bri engage in a bit of trolling by posting Robinson’s farewell message?

Well, it’s certainly possible, essentially since she dropped more hints in a post about her “real job” and the fact that she’s out of paid time off.

“So since I work in corporate America. I have pto and I’ve been using it and now that it’s almost coming to an end….I really don’t wanna go back,” she tweeted.

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“Need a sugar daddy so I can stay home forever.”

Obviously, Bri doesn’t actually need the PTO or the sugar daddy, since she’s paid quite well for her work on Teen Mom 2.

But hey, we guess it’s good that she’s keeping her options open.

And she ever does decide to actually quit, she’ll be ready to do so at a moment’s notice!

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