Brian McFadden and wife Danielle reveal touching meaning behind new babys name

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Choosing a name for a baby is an important job but luckily former Westlife star Brian McFadden and his wife Danielle were in total agreement about calling their newborn daughter Ruby Jean.

However, the couple have told OK! that they struggled to reach a compromise throughout Danielle's pregnancy saying: "We went round the houses with a name."

Thankfully, they happened upon Ruby just in time. In our exclusive interview, Danielle, 30, told us: "We had a long list and then the day before I went into labour we were looking through a baby book and I just said 'Ruby', and we both went, 'Yes!'.

"We both really liked it and thought it would transcend from a baby to an elderly lady."

And while Ruby is simply a name they both love, Jean has a particular significance for both of their families.

Danielle said: "Jean has quite a lot of meaning to us, as both my grandparents were Jean and a few of Brian’s family."

Brian, 41, added: "My grandad was Jean and my uncle, who died 10 years ago, so we have four family members who have all passed who were called Jean."

The couple had decided on Jean early on and it was then baby's first name that proved a challenge to pick.

"I think because we always knew the second name would be Jean, it made it easier. We had Taylor Jean and Roxy Jean, but Ruby was the one we loved the most," Brian said.

While every baby is of course precious, Ruby is particularly special because of the difficult time Danielle and Brian had conceiving her. The newborn was conceived via IVF after Danielle suffered two miscarriages, so it's no surprise that the pair said welcoming her was the "best feeling in the world."

Brian said: "We don’t put her down, we’re just constantly looking at her."

The besotted twosome also told us all about Ruby's exciting arrival, revealing that Danielle actually went into labour while they were out golfing.

“We were playing golf and her waters broke on the 15th hole," laughed Brian, adding: "She [Dani] made the winning putt while in labour – it was amazing!”

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