Brec Bassinger & ‘Stargirl’ Cast Take Self-Portraits & Interview Each Other (Exclusive!)

Stargirl is a brand new DC Universe drama series airing right now on The CW and we caught up with the cast to learn more about them!

Brec Bassinger, who previously starred in the Nickelodeon series Bella and the Bulldogs, plays high school sophomore Courtney Whitmore as she inspires an unlikely group of young heroes to stop the villains of the past. The new drama reimagines Stargirl and the very first superhero team, the Justice Society of America, in an unpredictable series.

Instead of us asking the questions, we decided to have the show’s four stars – Brec, Anjelika Washington (Dr. Mid-nite), Cameron Gellman (Hourman), and Yvette Monreal (Wildcat) – interview each other.

The first five episodes of the series, in which we finally meet all of the heroes, are streaming now on The CW’s digital platforms. New episodes air on Tuesday nights at 8/7c all summer long!

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Brec Bassinger Q&A – Interviewed by Anjelika Washington

1. What advice would you give to a child living with diabetes who also wants to pursue acting?
That diabetes can actually be one of your biggest tools. It teaches you patience, hard work, and perseverance – which are all necessary when pursuing acting.

2. What was your favorite stunt sequence of the episodes that have aired so far?
Probably the fight sequence at the drive-in movie theatre in the very first episode. It was a lot of wire work and I was basically just being drug around… It was a blast! Plus, they actually blew up a car for that scene, which was AWESOME!

3. What is it like having me as your roommate? ?
WONDERFUL, THE BEST, AMAZING!!!! Seriously, you (Anjelika) were such a blessing. I had never had a roommate before and now I feel like I can never have one again, because everyone will be a let down compared to you. Hopefully, we get a season 2 and can do it again <3

4. What is your go to gluten-free quarantine recipe?
PANCAKES… I have been messing around with different gluten-free, protein powder based pancakes and, man, I feel like I have near perfected them. I have made lemon blueberry pancakes, carrot cake pancakes, maple pancakes… It has definitely been a trend for me during this quarantine.

5. If you could be any super villain, who would you be?
The Joker… I have always found him to be the one of the most dynamic characters ever! Harley Quinn has that spunky twistedness as well!

Anjelika Washington Q&A – Interviewed by Cameron Gellman

1. Greatest blessing from quarantine and Greatest challenge from quarantine?
My greatest blessing from quarantine is getting to spend quality time with my cousin who is also my roommate in LA. Also, yoga days in the park with you and Brec! My biggest challenge was not being able to work out in a gym. I am not very motivated to do home workouts, so I definitely got behind in my fitness journey.

2. What piece of knowledge or new skill will you take with you into season 2 that you learned in season 1?
I would say, trusting myself. Filming season 1, I was just hoping that everyone could see the world I was making up in my head through my goggles. With the special effects, it all looks so great and I can trust that what I’m doing in my work is reflected on the screen. (:

3. If you had your superpower in real life, what is the first thing you’d use it for?
If I had Dr. Mid-Nite’s goggles, I would hack into the United States government budget, give money to lower income communities, pay teachers more, make sure every family in America is fed, and house the homeless.

4. What did you most like about living in Atlanta? Favorite restaurant and dish from there?
Cam you know me so well! My absolute favorite things in Atlanta (outside of filming Stargirl) was trying new restaurants and going to museums. The culture of Atlanta is rich with history and notorious for the amazing food. My favorite restaurant there was Soul Crab! My favorite dish was fried lobster and jerk lobster. My favorite museum was the National Center for Civil and Human Rights.

5. What trick or tools did you use to stay awake during night shoots?
For night shoots we gotta keep the energy up so music is a MUST. We blasted Lizzo the most! And lots of green tea.

Cameron Gellman Q&A – Interviewed by Yvette Monreal

1. Who is your celebrity crush ?
Donald Glover hands down. For his style, his mastery of SO MANY MEDIUMS, for using his art as activism. My ten year plan is to follow in Donald Glover’s footsteps. Write an amazing series, make some awesome music, wear all corduroy.

2. Are there any shows you would want to work on that you are binge-watching at the moment?
Bring back Peaky Blinders and put me on it!! Throw me in a daper suit from the 20’s and let me run around in crazy, dangerous, historic times with some of the best writing and actors out there. All about convoluted plot lines and period pieces.

3. What career would you have if you were not an actor?
There are so many things I’d love to do. Teach yoga, head-chef a small farm-to-table restaurant, travel the world making documentaries about animals and conservation. Is this an existing career? nope. Are we inventing it right now? Yep.

4. What’s the funniest moment you remember being with us offscreen?
We took a boat out together on Lake Lanear for July 4th. The front was super tall and really slippery. Watching everybody struggle for dear life to climb back up only to fall so hard every single time still cracks me up.

5. If you could only save one JSA Member, who would that be?
I’d travel back in time and save my dad, Hourman Senior. I’d be a happy, well adjusted teen building cars with my parents and I’d probably go to college for engineering. And I wouldn’t be angry. And that would be great.

Yvette Monreal Q&A – Interviewed by Brec Bassinger

1. Do you have any memories of your claws from set?
I remember when I first tried them on- it was very cool! I remember the length of them mostly! And the color made it look like steel they look so sharp and real!

On set, I just remember when we would switch gloves between takes like when I sliced the toaster. They were really fun.

2. Episode four is such a great episode for Yolanda. What was your favorite scene in episode four to film?
My personal favorite scene to shoot in episode 4 were the scenes where I was in the boxing room! I loved punching that bag, it was worn in and fun to do! Was so funny, I actually ended up punching the bag so hard, I would knock it off the chains! Lol that was awesome. Made me feel so strong. Also, that scene where I told you about Henry and how he hurt me. I think it was such a breakthrough “oh my gosh” moment and really revealed why my character has been so closed off. It was such a pleasure playing Yolanda Montez.

3. How did you prepare to become a superhero?
I knew Yolanda Montez was a boxer – I personally am already a fan of boxing and MMA and so is my family – but I wanted something inspiring for my character. Something realistic that I can follow as Yolanda Montez. I wanted someone young that I could personally follow on their own journey of being a boxer so I came across this girl on Instagram named Alexis Lavarine. When I started following her, she was a boxer in training, winning tournaments, in high school, and it really helped me put Yolanda’s life into perspective.

Based off what I saw on her Instagram, I developed Yolanda’s whole day to day schedule from what time she got up in the morning to what she did at home in her room until bedtime. So that was something fun I did. I personally reached out to her and told her how she inspired me for my character.

Also, I got a boxing coach about 2 months before we started shooting. I really wanted to give off the impression that I knew what I was doing, LOL. That helped a lot.

We also did stunt training in Atlanta 2 weeks before filming and that also gave me a good foundation with boxing.

4. I know during night shoots we would sometimes get a little delirious. Any funny stories or bloopers that come to mind?
LOL, I think Brec already knows what I’m going to say, haha, but there was this fighting sequence we did. And we had already been working for about 12 hours. I turn to Brec and I say, “Hey, we’re supposed to run across… should I try running on all four like a real wildcat?” And she said “Oh that would look so cool, do it.”

So they yelled ACTION!!

Suddenly we start running across and I get down on all four and try running on my hands and feet!! LOL, turns out, what I pictured in my mind, did not happen in real life. I end up slowing down and tumbling on the floor eventually. The director asked me, “What happened, did you fall?”

I was too embarrassed to tell them I tried running on all four so I just said, “Yeah! I fell! Let’s go again!”

And Brec and I were laughing our butts off it was so funny! We always talk about that, hahaha!

5. Real serious question- what was your go to Krafty snack?
Ooooohhh!!! Brec! That’s a good one. I really ended up finding this new tea that I had never drank before shooting Stargirl. And it was that apple cinnamon tea that was so good! Brec really liked it too! I ended up buying a bunch when I got home! Was so good!

But snack, I would say my go to were those cuties! Those little clementines! Those were my favorite!

Catch up on Stargirl‘s first five episodes now on The CW’s digital platforms and catch new episodes every Tuesday night at 8/7c on The CW!

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