Booty enhancing leggings, an eye cream by request and temporary tattoo pens

From CB: I got the black KF94 masks we featured last week. They’re not as easy to breathe in as the white KF94 masks we featured, which makes me trust them more honestly. I felt safe in one of those, but I still doubled masked and wore a visor. I also ordered the pregnancy pillow, massager and butane torch and they’re all coming today! However I noticed I made two orders for the same thing so I’m going to have to return some things. Have you ever double ordered like that? This isn’t the first time for me. Here are more products that Hecate and I are looking at.

An eye cream that reduces puffiness and fine lines

From CB: We’ve been asked to find eye cream. L’oreal Eye Defense with caffeine and hyaluronic acid is a light gel that women say works and absorbs well. This has over 7,000 reviews, 4.3 stars and an A on Fakespot. It’s currently under $12 for half an ounce. There are before and after photos showing a reduction in undereye bags and puffiness. People are surprised at the difference after using it. “A little bit of this cream (and a little bit goes a long way!) feels like the best thing in the world, like putting a burn under cool water. Reduces puffiness and darkness around eyes as well. I’ve had it for over 5 months and use it every morning and theres still quite a bit left, so it goes a long way.” “I honestly was very surprised to see my lids open up and the dark circles faded. The whole area plumped up.” “Within 3 days the darkness under both eyes was gone and after a week I cannot believe the major change in my entire eye area. The tiny lines are gone and the more prominent wrinkles have been reduced to an acceptable line.”

A super greens powder with antioxidants and probiotics

From CB: I don’t know if it’s doing anything, but I like the vegan protein powder we featured a few weeks ago. I’ve been adding a scoop to my smoothie every morning and feel good that I’m getting protein and more vitamins. I want to try a different add-in and have been wondering about super greens. This super greens powder by NutraChamps has over 7,400 ratings, 4.3 stars and a B on Fakespot. It has probiotics, enzymes and a bunch of fruit and vegetable extracts. Reviewers say it tastes ok compared to similar brands, that it seems to work and that they notice a difference in their energy levels after using it. Some say not to drink it at night as it may keep you up. It’s needs a blender or shaker to mix as it doesn’t mix immediately in water. “I have felt much healthier and more energetic since making a smoothie with this super food everyday. There’s definitely a taste but its not as bad as you might think.” “I’ve noticed a marked difference in my overall energy and digestion.” “I’ve been using this product now for 4 or 5 months and I think my hair is a lot thicker than it was and looks much better.”

An affordable, foldable weight bench for at-home fitness

From CB: This adjustable weight bench is under $130. It has over 1,700 ratings, 4.3 stars and an A on Fakespot. Reviewers say it arrives mostly assembled and that you just have to add the pins in it so it’s stable. “ It’s comfortable, sturdy, stable, comes almost totally assembled, it moves effortlessly from full decline to fully upright for military press, and it has footholds to hold you up during decline press sets.” “I have had several workout benches in the past, and I end up taking them to Goodwill because they are bulky and take up too much space. This bench solves this problem because it folds and fits nicely in a closet when not being used. Also it has a nice ‘back feel’ which many home benches don’t have.”

A foot massager with heat that you can use on your back too

From CB: My feet are always cold and I currently have a small space heater under my desk to fix that. I would love a foot warmer and massager instead. This massager by Snailax can also be used on your back, legs or wherever you have pain or tightness and need to increase circulation. This has 1,100 ratings, 4.3 stars and a B on Fakespot. It has three different vibration modes and intensities and can be used with or without heat. People say it’s a great massager and they love that it has heat too. “ A lot of products claim to massage, this one actually massages and provides a nice amount of heat. I also love that I can unzip and we both can get a good back massage out of it.” “I am so impressed with how my feet feel after each session of using it. My feet are always cold & it’s so nice to sit for 30 minutes getting them warmed & stimulated.”

Temporary tattoo pens and stencils for at-home body artistry

From Hecate: I wanted to get crafty and stencil a coffee cup recently. That went horribly wrong, but we ended up using the stencils I bought with some Sharpies on our arms. I had a blue broom on the inside of my wrist for a day and liked it so much, I wished it had stuck around a little longer. So I’m thinking about these temporary tattoo pens and stencils for when I get an itch to decorate myself. This set comes with three pens and stencils, which works for me because I just bought a ton of stencils for the aforementioned cup project. This brand got 4.4 stars from almost 9,000 reviews that ReviewMeta confirmed. Reviews say they go on well, “They apply smoothly and evenly with bold color. Great control and detail with the brush tips,” which helps those of us who are not artistically gifted. Another said they aren’t just for kids, “Brought this as a ‘something to do’ gift” for my granddaughter while I visited with her parents and friends at a small gathering. Cut to the chase, everybody who was there left with a tattoo and others saying they wanted to purchase some. Very good gift idea!” This reminds me of a party we went to in which my husband drew a custom version of the host on each guest with my eyeliner. It was an impromptu thing and everyone ended up asking for it. These would make a great party idea, when we get to go to parties again.

Yoga socks with grips for warm feet while you’re posing

From Hecate: Now that I’m taking Oya’s amazing Saturday yoga series, I want to look the part. I love these Yoga socks because they will keep my tootsies warm. The non-slip grips on the bottom are great for non-carpeted floors and they have strops to stay. They look super lightweight but they also look really cute. The socks come in several colors and you can buy a single pair for $9 or a group of three for $19. Customers gave them 4.6 stars in over 14,000 reviews and Fakespot gives them a B. Apparently they feel as good as they look, with a superhero bonus: “Very comfortable, look great, and the grip is fantastic for lounging around the house OR yoga! Seriously – felt like Spider-Man climbing the wall – I am ordering more!” Another customer brought up they were a good idea for people recovering post-op as well, which I hadn’t thought of, “I bought these yoga socks for my mother who broke her hip and was in rehab for several weeks… and they worked beautifully. She has narrow feet and the strap on top helped keep the socks in place.” Note by CB: I have these and really like them!

Popular textured booty-enhancing leggings that are super flattering

From Hecate: I have seen these leggings everywhere! People say your butt will never look better and if that’s true, sign me up. I was put off by the texture at first but folks are saying that’s the appeal. Plus, with the honeycomb, I guess they would look more interesting on my legs than just regular leggings. They come in a bunch of colors and sizes XS-4XL. This the original brand that costs $31 a pair. There are cheaper knockoffs but they do not look as good plus they aren’t as thick so be careful. Close to 40K reviewers gave these leggings 4.3 stars and they have a B on Fakespot. Happy customers say they love them. “The honeycomb texture of these leggings completely conceals any dimples or cellulite. The waistband is pretty high so any tummy is sucked in, which is critical for me, as I just had a baby 3 months ago.” Mainly folks say they just make you look and feel great for whatever you wear them, “Girl if you’re looking at these leggings, just do yourself a favor and get them! They have me looking SNATCHED!!!” One thing a few suggest is look the leggings over really well when you receive them for any flaws in the fabric prior to wearing them. Once you do that, they should last you.

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