Billie Eilish did the same interview for a 4th year in a row, and she was appalled by some of her old answers

  • Billie Eilish was interviewed by Vanity Fair in October for another "time capsule" video.
  • She answered the same questions on the same date in 2017, 2018, and 2019. She also watched her old videos and reacted to her previous answers.
  • Eilish was appalled by herself in 2019, saying she hopes for "100 off days next year." She covered her face with her hand and said, "Well, b—-, you got what you wished for."
  • Eilish also addressed recent body-shaming comments ("This is just how I look!") and said her biggest struggle today is "an identity crisis."
  • "You forget, I'm literally 18," she added. "It's funny that I'm expected to have found myself and stick with it. I'm trying different things out. I'm trying different ways of living and styles and personalities and hairstyles and clothing and shoes. I'm just trying it all out, 'cause I'm like, a growing f—ing girl."
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