Big Brother Winner Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin Found Guilty Of Stalking Former Winner Dr. Will Kirby!

Former Big Brother winner Mike “Boogie” Malin has been found guilty of stalking his former friend and co-star Dr. Will Kirby.

According to court documents obtained by Us Weekly, the 50-year-old reality star initially pleaded not guilty following his August 2019 arrest for the felony. However, he later changed his original plea to “nolo contendere” or no contest, thus waiving his right to a trial.

In an appearance before the judge in April, the restaurant owner was sentenced to two years probation and a three-day sentence in an El Lay jail. He was also required to serve 30 days in a rehab program, complete 160 hours of community service, and “make restitution” to Kirby “in an amount to be determined” at a future hearing.

Kirby’s attorney issued a statement to Us following the news of his sentence, saying:

“On behalf of Dr. Kirby, we are grateful to the criminal justice system for holding Mr. Malin accountable for his actions. The crime of stalking is often underreported. There is absolutely no shame in asking for help and reporting troubling behavior. Dr. Kirby respectfully asks for privacy for him and his family at this time.”

Oof, this is certainly a far cry from their close friendship while on the CBS competition show. In case you didn’t know, the duo created some of the most memorable moments in Big Brother history with their infamous “Chilltown” alliance. They later revived their pact in Big Brother: All-Stars, where they dominated a majority of the game, and Malin won. (Kirby previously won season 2, and has often been hailed as the best player in the entire series.)

While they remained pals on the show, they later went their separate ways until CBS contacted them to join The Amazing Race as a team in 2018. However, Kirby declined to appear on another series with Malin, who wanted to participate. It’s been reported that the TV personality soon began to send threatening messages to his former ally, which allegedly included pictures of a gun pointing at a picture of the physician’s family. WTF?!

Police later arrested Malin for making threats against Kirby. The dermatologist had been granted a restraining order preventing Mike from coming near his family or his business, LaserAway clinics, at the time. Now, he has since been given an additional 10-year restraining order.

And this is not even the first time the New Hampshire native has faced criminal charges, as he was previously busted for drunk driving in August 2020. A former business partner also filed a lawsuit against Malin for alleged embezzlement and then slammed him with a $10.5 million court order for not paying rent on one of his restaurants, per TMZ. Damn…

Let this be a lesson for everyone: be careful who you decide to ally with as you never know what could happen.

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