Bella Thorne Says Stupid F**king Bitch Wasn’t About Ex Tana Mongeau – But About Friends??

Who’s the Stupid F**king Bitch now? Perhaps all of us because this drama just doesn’t seem to end.

While it may feel like a lifetime ago since Bella Thorne dropped her questionable single Stupid F**king Bitch and her ex Tana Mongeau hilariously reacted to the diss track, it was only two months ago! Now, ahead of her next release, Shake It, the Disney Channel alum would like to get one thing straight: SFB wasn’t about Tana at all! Speaking to Page Six, the controversial OnlyFans star said:

“It’s not . The song is about people in your friend groups.”

She elaborated:

“Everyone kind of goes through this, where a new person comes in and you’re all, like, ‘Yeah, f**k yeah, I love this guy, he’s got great energy…’ and then that person slowly takes over your whole group, gets in there and things start to happen. You realize, maybe they’re not just friends with you because they’re being friends with you, maybe it’s these ulterior motives.”

OK, seems reasonable enough. Doesn’t quite account for the near lookalike blonde girl cast to play Bella’s self-obsessed ex-girlfriend in the vid though, but the explanation certainly holds true to lyrics such as:

“You wanted me for clout, and I should’ve thrown you out / But I never resist the way you bite your lower lip.”

Despite the Shake It Up lead going out of her way to share that she loves writing about woman because “everything about a female to me is just so intriguing,” she continued to double down on the idea that SFB had nothing to do with Tana or any woman, for that matter. The 23-year-old added:

“I just thought the hook is super catchy with ‘stupid f**king bitch,’ so therefore it sounds like it’s about a female but it’s not really just about a female, it’s about this perspective of people that everyone can really relate to.”

Are you buying this?? Sure, “ulterior motives” in any kind of relationship would definitely be a reason to pen such a vengeful track, but that doesn’t deny there was serious beef between the exes that seemed to be referenced in the song’s visual. Back in December, the former lovebirds, who dated from 2017 to 2019, engaged in a cryptic Twitter feud when Tana wrote a somewhat scathing review of Bella’s record, teasing:

“Imagine taking the time to write, direct, and fund entire song about me called stupid f**king bitch and also being bella thorne smfh.”

While the vocalist didn’t reply directly, she did share on her own feed:

“when she tries so hard to be relevant she won’t stop bringing up your name for attention……. girl can’t you get your own attention stoppppppppp.”

Whether or not the song is about Tana, Throne was definitely playing up the attention, right?? We’re sure the drama got her music vid a few extra clicks, so it’s not all that crazy she’s finally dishing her perspective on the matter a week before Shake It drops. With lyrics about “wifey material,” we wonder if Tana will have an opinion on the teaser featuring porn star Abella Danger (below)?

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