Ashley Benson’s "Creep" Cover With G-Eazy Shows Off Her Beautiful Singing Voice

Ashley Benson is truly doing *the most* with her time as remains self-quarantined amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Benson has been showing off her personality and talents as she continues to provide her 21 million Instagram followers with priceless content from throwback pictures to hilarious TikTok videos. But, it was on Tuesday, April 21, that she showed off her gorgeous singing voice. Ashley Benson’s cover of Radiohead’s "Creep" with G-Eazy will give you chills, because it’s just that good.

Benson and her girlfriend Cara Delevingne previously passed their time by recreating iconic Keeping Up With The Kardashians moments on TikTok, which had fans watching on repeat. Now it seems that Benson isn’t just goofing around when it comes to practicing social distancing. G-Eazy surprised his fans with two cover songs on April 21 — The Beatles‘ “I’m So Tired” and Radiohead‘s “Creep” featuring Benson — and they were simply magic.

Of course, listeners were excited for G-Eazy’s Beatles’ cover, but what really caught fan’s attention was Benson’s sultry vocals on Radiohead’s 1992 hit song. Benson’s voice matched perfectly with the strong lyrics in the cover song, which was produced by Cole MGN, making it a must-listen. Check out Benson and G-Eazy’s full "Creep" cover below.

Benson’s cover of "Creep" showed off a different side of her singing voice, which was much different than her vocals in her 2019 song "Can’t Wait" with Delevingne.

G-Eazy was just as excited for the song with Benson as fans were, that he tweeted out the SoundCloud link with no explanation.

Hopefully this won’t be the last fans hear of G-Eazy and Benson, because together they made music magic.

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