Ashanti Insists She Never Dated Ja Rule Despite Rumors: ‘Our Chemistry Was So Ill’

The ‘What’s Luv?’ songstress addresses the speculation that arose because she collaborated with the rapper on so many songs, saying, ‘We never messed with each other like it never was even a thing.’

AceShowbizAshanti has set things straight on her relationship history, years after she was rumored to be dating Ja Rule. In contrary to what their fans believed at the time, the 39-year-old singer/actress insisted that she and the rapper were “a thing.”

The “Foolish” hitmaker addressed the dating rumors during an Instagram Live chat with her longtime collaborator Fat Joe. The Bronx rapper/actor noted that Ashanti and Ja Rule made so many songs together that people started to think they were an item.

While they might seem so close to each other when performing on stage, in reality Ashanti revealed, “Our chemistry was so ill.” Denying the dating rumors, she continued, “We never messed with each other like it never was even a thing.”

She went on explaining the nature of their relationship, “So we could not see each other for months and we would be at an awards show and perform on stage and it would look like we’ve been together the whole day. Even sometimes we would be coordinated with our outfits. It’s crazy to have that kind of chemistry with someone you’re not in a relationship with.”

As for how close they really are, the R&B songstress dubbed Ja Rule “my brother.”

During the live chat, Joe also asked Ashanti if she has “a love interest now.” Getting coy, the singer who collaborated with Ja Rule on “Always on Time” replied, “A little something something, a little lituation (sic).” While not directly answering the question, she went on sharing, “People have situationships, I’m like yo either we together or not like what is this s**t in the middle?”

Her love life aside, Ashanti recently was featured on “Nasty” with DaBaby and Megan Thee Stallion. Speaking of the collaboration, she admitted that she thought it was very vulgar at first. “I called a lot of people because the verse was very very vulgar. When we were in the studio together in L.A I just laid a hook down, he [DaBaby] was just doing his verse,” she recalled. “When he sent it to me I was like damn.”

“And when he called he was like listen imma put Megan on there and she’s gonna balance it out. I was like oh okay. So when I heard it I was like now its fire, it was like we were going back and forth on the song,” she continued. “When I first heard it I played it for my DJ, I played it for my dad and he was like ‘What the f**k? He’s like nah turn it down a little.”

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