Ari Fletcher Claps Back After Being Slammed for Encouraging Fans to ‘Buy the Body You Want’

The girlfriend of G Herbo (Lil Herb) fires back at someone on Twitter as the user accuses her of having ‘fat transfer’ in her booty, saying, ‘Stop being jealous, that’s so ugly!!!’

AceShowbizAri Fletcher is all about freedom. The girlfriend of G Herbo (Lil Herb) recently took to her Twitter account to encourage her followers to never be shy about getting plastic surgery.

“It’s 2020 get you some surgery sis, don’t let these people discourage you,” so she wrote on Saturday, May 2. “BUY THE BODY YOU WANT!!!”

Unsurprisingly, the tweet was met with criticisms. “Let’s not disguise deep insecurities with ‘body positivity’ please,” one user replied to her. “Now I know yo booty fake,” one other said, referring to Ari’s claims that her booty is a “homegrown” booty.

Ari seemed to notice such comments as she went to set the record straight in a follow-up tweet. “I NEVER said I didn’t have surgery,” she insisted. “I said my ass is real. And I’m going for new titties again as soon as they open.”

Ari Fletcher set the record straight.

That didn’t stop the hate from coming back. One of her followers chimed in, “A fat transfer is not real sis,” before admitting, “but u look good.” In response, Ari hotly clapped back, “Y’all be so tight. Ain’t no fat transferred back here. Stop being jealous, that’s so ugly!!!”

Ari asked a hater to stop being jealous.

The trollings aside, some people jumped to Ari’s defense. “Why do y’all f**k w/ Ari about her body?! I don’t understand,” a supporter wondered, to which Ari replied, “Cause they n****s be living for it. They hate a bad b***h chile.”

She then continued alluding that she did plastic surgery for the sake of herself, not for somebody else’s. “This n***a said ‘WE LOVE YALL THE WAY YALL ARE’ b***hhhhhh who is yalllllllll??? B***h ain’t nobody doing s**it for y’all. Clown a**, ain’t nobody trying to impress or please no n***a. Dummyyyyyyy, trying to be inspirational. Suck d**k!!!” she tweeted.

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