Anne Robinson husband: Countdown host ‘struggled’ after ‘dying to get out’ of marriage

Countdown: Anne Robinson jokes she will 'never wear black'

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Twice divorced Anne Robinson, 76, revealed she’s “pretty good” on her own after admitted she was “dying to get out” of her second marriage. The Countdown presenter has been wed twice to two fellow journalists, Charlie Wilson and then John Penrose, the latter of which she “struggled” following their split.

A couple of years after I separated from Penrose I was really struggling

Anne Robinson

In a recent interview, the infamous stoney-faced host stated her current relationship status was “nobody’s business” before admitting she does miss having a playmate.

“I’m pretty good on my own, although for a couple of years after I separated from Penrose I was really struggling,” she said.

“You’re dying to get out of something because it’s not working and making you both unhappy.

“But what you don’t give enough thought to is that you’re not going to move to something that’s fantastic.”

She added to Radio Times: “I miss having a playmate, but I’m not prepared to have someone around every day.

“Two nights of the week would be good!”

Anne and Penrose married in 1980 but her new-found TV stardom began to take its toll on their relationship.

After she become to acid-tongued host for BBC’s The Weakest Link, it sparked a spin-off in the US, for which she flew over to host.

This, she said, put a strain on her marriage.

“No mother puts her son on her knee and teaches him what to do when he grows up and marries someone who earns more money and might even be smarter than him,” she told the Daily Mail.

“There are few happy husbands under those circumstances, and I am astonished that Penrose and I got as far as we did.”

Despite their break-up, and having to part with £20million in a costly divorce settlement, the pair remained friends.

“It was like having a car crash every day once we parted,” she told the Mail.

“I was taken aback, since I’d decided it was what I wanted. I didn’t expect it to be quite so emotional, so that really took me by surprise. You delude yourself.

“I think we were both very sad. We’d have to have hearts of stone not to.

“You just feel quite low. You feel quite joyless for a bit for no good reason.”

Now, she continued to tell Radio Times that she’s content with life as it is, despite her run-ins with booze over the years.

“I’ve loads of regrets from the past 50 years,” she sighed.

“But at 76 I’m sitting here with a new show and no one in my family hates me.”

Anne’s full interview is available to read now in Radio Times.

Countdown airs today at 2:10pm on Channel 4.

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