Anderson Cooper Shows Off ‘Giant’ Bald Spot On-Air After Giving Himself a Haircut – Watch!

Not being able to get a haircut has had a big impact on Anderson Cooper!

The 52-year-old CNN host revealed on-air on Thursday (April 16) that he ended up giving himself a haircut, and it resulted in a “giant” bald spot.

“Last night I took a razor and buzzed my head and I gave myself a giant bald spot,” Anderson said, while showing off his bald spot to his co-workers.

“I thought it was a 7 and it was a 5. So I’ve been walking around with my hand on my head,” Anderson explained. “It’s fine straight on, I just have to be seen only this way because it all gives it away right there.”

If you didn’t know, all barbershops and salons have been closed in New York City for over a month now because of the pandemic.

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