AG Daniel Cameron Didn't Raise Murder, Manslaughter Charges with Grand Jury

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron now admits he never recommended the grand jury indict either of the 2 officers for shooting and killing Breonna Taylor.

Instead, Cameron says the case he presented to the grand jury is that the officers were fully justified in firing their weapons because Breonna’s boyfriend had fired first at them. Cameron revealed some of his strategy in an interview with WDRB in Louisville … saying, “Our recommendation is that [officers] Jonathan Mattingly and Myles Cosgrove were justified in their acts and their conduct.”

Cameron also said he told the grand jury that the single witness who says he heard the police announce themselves before the raid … changed his story. WDRB did not ask Cameron if he also told the grand jury that 12 other witnesses said they did NOT hear the police announce themselves — and that’s a huge point.

If the police didn’t identify themselves … Kenneth Walker, Breonna’s boyfriend, would be justified in firing his legally owned firearm at people he believed to be intruders in her apartment.

One other thing. Cameron said nothing about recommending a manslaughter charge to the grand jury. He says wanton endangerment was the only thing he felt he could prove beyond a reasonable doubt. However, police didn’t provide medical assistance to Breonna for 20 minutes … which would seem to put manslaughter — legally defined as reckless disregard for human life — on the table.

Fired officer Brett Hankison is the only indicted officer … for firing his weapon into a neighboring apartment.

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