Addison Rae Wore Two Bikini Bottoms at Once and It Somehow Looked Cool

It’s been 84 years since some of us (me) have been anywhere near a body of water for fun, but it’s officially summer and the time has come to buy a buncha swimsuits. And, if you’re Addison Rae, specifically buy a buncha swimsuit bottoms to wear all at the same time? The “Obsessed” singer and best friend of Kourtney “What’s My Age Again” Kardashian just hopped on Instagram to show off her super cute Agua Viva bikini, wearing not one but two pairs of bottoms. Like, is this a thing? Because if so, I’m ready to embrace it:

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From what I can tell, Addison is wearing the Anaconda Top, the Anaconda Bottom, and the Snake Short, all of which retail for $60 a piece and all of which I need in my life immediately.

In case you’re in the mood for some Addison Updates, she’s about to star in He’s All That (the remake of She’s All That), she and Kourtney Kardashian recently reunited for some more TikToks, and she recently declared that she’s “obsessed” with Kourt and Travis Barker’s relationship, saying, “I’m obsessed. I’m obsessed. I love Kourtney and I love Travis, they’re both amazing people and I wish them the best, they’re so cute.”

Kay, that’s all! While we’re here, you can shop some of our other fave yellow-and-blue swim styles below!

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