A Place In The Suns Laura Hamilton details directors apology after home issue found

Laura Hamilton recalls being made redundant

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Laura Hamilton has had her fair share of home blunders while appearing on A Place In The Sun. The Channel 4 favourite has detailed a “nightmare” she faced with house hunters as the show director issued an apology following their mistake.

The 39-year-old explained that potential buyers had wanted to purchase a holiday home in Spain, with their preference being a quiet and serene location.

The Channel 4 host revealed that all three were in for a surprise when they visited their first property.

“There was a house we visited while filming in Spain. It was quite funny because the director and the researcher view all of the properties a week before we arrive,” Laura began.

“We turned up to this property with a couple and they told us they wanted somewhere that was really quiet. But then a helicopter flew over.”

Initially, the first helicopter didn’t raise any alarm bells as she proceeded to begin filming the property series.

Laura explained: “We thought, ‘OK. It’s just one helicopter.’ And then there were helicopters taking off and landing literally every 15 minutes.

“We were like, ‘Oh my god.’ The director said, ‘I don’t know what the hell is going on.'”

She went on: “It turned out the house was right by a helicopter military base.

The Channel 4 presenter explained that the show director apologised after they had checked out the property a day before and was unaware it was located by a military base.

The TV star went on to say that they had to wrap up filming as it became a “nightmare”.

“We just couldn’t do it. We couldn’t film. It was a nightmare,” Laura commented.

“The director told the guests, ‘I’m so sorry.'”


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Laura explained that it is not uncommon for this to happen when the presenters film A Place In The Sun.

She said: “You’ll be filming a property in a really sleepy quiet, leafy village in France and the day we turn up they’ll decide to start digging up the road. Or redoing all of the road markings.

“And you’re like, how is this possible?”

Meanwhile, the small-screen star opened up about her relationship with her co-hosts and revealed they hardly get a chance to see each other.

The Channel 4 programme has seen a variety of new faces join the line-up, including Lee Juggurnauth, Jean Johannssen, Scarlette Douglas, Ben Hillman and Danni Menzies.

Laura explained: “We get new presenters that join the show every so often.

“Jean [Johannssen] joined about a year ago. I forget actually. We never see each other because we’re never in the country at the same time, so it’s not possible.”

“We’re never in the country at the same time,” Laura added.

A Place In The Sun airs today on Channel 4 at 3.35pm.

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