Woman reveals how she got her dirty trainers sparkling white again by using a £4 nappy cleaner

A WOMAN has revealed how she got her trainers sparkling white once again by using a £4 nappy cleaner.

Taking to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing & Bargains UK she shared the amazing before and after snaps of the shoes.

Before using the Napisan, which you can pick up in Tesco for £4, the trainers were caked in dirt and in serious need of a clean.

But after using the nappy detergent on the sneakers they looked as good as new.

Captioning her snaps she wrote: “I finally managed to get a hold of Napisan and I am so happy with how good these turned out! ??

“I wiped them down with Elbow Grease and a sponge first then soaked each pair in the sink with laces pulled out, a scoop of Napisan powder and HOT water for 30mins.

  • Napisan, £4, Tesco – buy here

“Then into the machine with another scoop of Napisan Powder and my normal washing gel on a 30min cycle at 30C.”

Fellow group members were seriously impressed, with several even accusing her of buying new trainers.

Commenting on the post one wrote: “Really? These shoes look like new , hmmm.”

“Wow thanks 4 that I’ll b out looking 4 this 4 my lil monsters trainers!” added another.

A third said: “Wow they look brand new amazing.”

The mum was quick to reassure group members they were in fact the same trainers.

She later added: "It’s not a picture of new trainers either.

"They’re the same shoes. I thought the post would help people with kids like myself."

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