Woman reveals easy hack to clean rust off grotty kitchen hobs – and the difference is amazing – The Sun

A SAVVY Mrs Hinch fan has shown just how easy it is to get your kitchen hob sparking clean by using just two products.

The woman initially took to Facebook to ask fellow cleaning addicts for advice on how to get her rusty hob looking fresh, but later returned to show off the results of their cleaning recommendations.

Posting on the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, the woman shared a before and after image of the kitchen hob.

In the first image, the Mrs Hinch fan's hob looks worn, dull and rusty.

Though her hob appears neglected, the woman revealed she had actually tried extensively to get it looking shiny and new.

She said: "Any suggestions on how to get this off it's driving me crazy.

"Tried the Pink Stuff does not touch it, tried other household stuff does not work."

Fellow cleaning fans suggested a variety of different products to tackle the tough rust and discolouration.

In the end, the woman opted for Oven Pride and Brillo pads – and the combination worked a treat.

The woman was thrilled with the results and later shared a picture of her sparkling clean hob with fellow cleaning fans.


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