Wide-leg indigo jeans are the only style to wear right now

Forget everything you thought you knew about denim, for this summer, the rules are being rewritten and it’s all about big ‘n’ baggy indigo jeans.

You most probably got the notice if you’re a fashion lover. You know the one that heralded the return of BDE (that’s Big Denim Energy, to you and I?) If not, well then let us refresh your memory.

While sales of denim took a nosedive thanks to the pandemic – according to research conducted by market research firm NPD Group from last summer, denim sales tumbled by double digits from the first lockdown compared with the same period last year – life is returning! Which means that it’s high time our denim did too.

While much has been written about wide-leg jeans, dad jeans and, indeed, green jeans (a library of brands are revered for their eco-credentials), there is, in fact, a new style of jeans strutting their way into the fashion realm. Meet the wide-legged indigo-hued jean. 

Remain Birger Christensen Ariane jeans

Neither true blue nor acid washed, these jeans are big ‘n’ baggy and a few notches up the colour chart from black. Championed by Victoria Beckham in her spring/summer 2021 collection and Remain (founded by the duo behind cult Copenhagen brand Rotate), it would seem that the message on the denim trend du jour is clear: wide-legged indigo jeans are having a moment.

Indeed, according to fashion platform Lyst, which analyses the behaviour of more than eight million shoppers, not only have searches for flared jeans spiked in recent weeks, but demand for jeans as a whole has grown by 23% since the start of January, with women on average purchasing twice the number of jeans as men.

So, what’re you waiting for? Upgrade that denim and usher in these elongating and oh-so-versatile jeans. And remember, it’s all about that BDE.  

  • Raey Loon wide-leg jeans

    Raey Loon wide-leg jeans

    Raey, MatchesFashion’s homegrown brand, has noted a spike in denim sales as of late. With indigo jeans this good looking, it’s no surprise. 

    Shop Raey Loon wide-leg jeans at MatchesFashion, £165


  • NA-KD organic front pleat wide legged jeans

    NA-KD organic front pleat wide legged jeans

    Purse-friendly and sartorially on-the-money, these flared indigo numbers are crying out for a spot in your wardrobe. 

    Shop NA-KD organic front pleat wide legged jeans, £40.95


  • Cos indigo flared jeans

    Cos indigo flared jeans

    Trust high-street stalwart Cos to provide an utterly lust-worthy pair of indigo-toned jeans. Wear with a boxy leather blazer and white T-shirt for optimal appeal. 

    Shop Cos indigo flared jeans, £69


  • Boden patch pocket wide legged indigo jeans

    Boden patch pocket wide legged indigo jeans

    Wide-legged wonderfulness comes courtesy of Boden, whose low-slung indigo-hued offerings are seriously on trend. 

    Shop Boden patch pocket wide legged indigo jeans, £85


  • Levi’s Ribcage bootcut jeans in indigo

    Levi’s Ribcage bootcut jeans in indigo

    Trust Levi’s, the purveyor of the cult 501 shapes, to provide the indigo wide-legged goods. We’ll be wearing this pair with chunky trainers for a fresh and crisp look.

    Shop Levi’s Ribcage bootcut jeans in indigo, £100


  • Plumo Kathleen jeans

    Plumo Kathleen jeans

    With a smart pleated front, these flared jeans from Plumo are the epitome of the trend. Big, baggy and downright fabulous. 

    Shop Plumo Kathleen jeans, £89


  • Remain Ariane wide-legged jeans

    Remain Ariane wide-legged jeans

    Do it like the Copenhagen set do and invest in a timeless pair of Remain’s indigo flares and we promise they’ll remain (sorry, not sorry) in your wardrobes for years to come. 

    Shop Remain Ariane wide-legged jeans, £180


Images: courtesy of brands.

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