What Will Your ‘After’ Look Like?

We want to hear what readers hope, fear and predict for a gradually post-pandemic world.

By The New York Times

The “After” may soon be upon us.

With the news that vaccinated people can start hugging and gathering indoors again, the promise of enough vaccine supplies for every American adult in May, and with some of the hardest-hit countries now well into vaccine distribution, things are starting to look up.

And while our definitions of a post-pandemic world may differ — Does it begin with one’s own immunity? Herd immunity? A return to school or office? — scientists agree that we are headed for at least some relief in the near future.

The Times wants to know what the After will mean to you. People around the world have inched through the pandemic in so many different ways, with millions losing a loved one, and others losing their livelihood — a business, a job, a home, an identity. Those changes will affect the coming weeks and months and years.

How, for example, have your relationships — marital, parental, platonic, professional — shifted or been transformed from the “Before”?

Are you anxious that things will never be the same? Or are you fearful that we’ll return to “the same” much too quickly? Or maybe there is something seemingly small that you will cherish being able to do?

Tell us, using the form below: What will your After look like?

Please share your story by Monday, March 22, at 12 a.m. Eastern time. We may use your answer in a project we’re calling “‘After’ Thoughts,” but will not publish any part of your submission without contacting you first.

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