We're the world's closest sisters – we even pooped straddling each other so we never had to be apart

A PAIR of sisters have admitted to being so close that growing up they would share a toilet – at the same time.

Christina and Jessica, both 37 from Gig Harbor, Washington, don’t like to be more than 30 miles apart and spend as much time together as possible.

The twins, who appear on the TLC series Extreme Sisters, still use their secret handshake at 37, and enjoy nothing more than each other’s company.

Speaking on the show, Jessica says: “I wouldn’t say we’re obsessed with each other, I’d say we’re clinically obsessed with each other.

“We are together all the time, we hang out all the time.”

Agreeing, Christina adds: “I’ve never even been on my own vacation without her and we only let ourselves be within about a 30 minute radius of each other.”

“Then we start freaking out – it’s bad,” agrees Jessica.

In fact, the sisters hate being apart so much that growing up they would time their toilet trips so they could go together.

Christina explains: “When we were growing up we would share the toilet and go poop together, we would have to straddle each other.”

Jessica adds: “Sometimes you’d have your arm around me like this and literally we would poop at the same time.”

And while the women have given up their co-poops, Christina thinks nothing of making a toilet trip while Jess enjoys a bath.

It seems that Jessica and Christina are not out of the ordinary as they star alongside four other sets of sisters who are equally close in the documentary series.

Howard Lee, president of TLC, says: “Having a close knit family is something most people aspire to and at TLC, we love to explore relationships of all kinds.

“In Extreme Sisters, we will introduce sets of inseparable sisters whose bonds are raw, honest, and perhaps a little unconventional.

“Their sibling kinship brings the meaning of sisterhood to a whole other level.”

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