Watch Strongman Eddie Hall Take on a Workout With the U.K.s Fittest Man

Former World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall has famously re-focused his training on boxing. He dropped 80 pounds and completely changed up his training regimen to get in top boxing shape for his upcoming boxing match with rival and 2018 World’s Strongest Man, Hafþór Björnsson. And in his latest YouTube workout video, Hall enlisted the help of U.K.’s ‘Fittest Man’ and CrossFit athlete Zack George (he finished first in the UK region in the 2020 CrossFit Open) for a boxing-focused strength session.

“CrossFit, in my opinion, is one of the hardest sports you can do on the planet,” says Hall. “The endurance and strength this man has is through the roof.”

Hall plans to execute a shoulder workout that will help his boxing.

“I’m predominantly training as a professional boxer at the minute,” he explains to George before their workout. “For me today, it’s about working the muscles that are good for boxing. So it’s good throws, good sides, good rears…anything to build the overall shoulders.”

This isn’t Hall’s first time working with a CrossFit athlete. In 2020 he set a record in CrossFit’s Isabel workout, clocking in at 50.9 seconds. The pair discuss the feat, and George shares that the fastest he’s ever completed a Grace workout is in 1:14.

After Hall’s bragging sesh, the guys get to their shoulder workout, and start with some simple dumbbell overhead presses. They discuss a typical day of training for George.

“I’ll do an hour, hour and a half of conditioning in the morning,” says George. “And that will vary from non-conditioning sprint work, competition-style replication workouts. And then in the evening I do about two and a half hours of weight and gymnastics. There’s so much to train in CrossFit.”

They continue with the dumbbell overhead presses. They talk about Hall’s career since winning World’s Strongest Man and his transition for his upcoming match against Björnsson.

“Is it against someone you hate?” asks Geroge.

“Oh yeah…it ignited a big spark in me, for sure,” says Hall.

Next, they move to dumbbell lateral raises.

“I do so much shoulder stuff in weird positions, like snatches, handstand walks…but with these, I feel it in my shoulders,” says George.

They guys also talk cardio.

“I run once a week,” says George. “I swim once or twice a week.”

Next, they hit some bent over dumbbell flys and rows. As they work, they discuss their diets.

“People are surprised at how little I eat, because my issue is I put on weight so easily,” says George. “If I eat 5,000 calories I put on good lean muscle but I’m just too heavy. So I’ve found a nice balance of the minimum I can eat and still perform well.”

“This is the first time I’ve worked with a nutritionist,” says Hall.

After they finish, they fuel with some whey protein and a banana, which Hall cracks jokes about.

“One of the unwritten rules in the history of men is never, ever ever look a man in the eyes while eating a banana,” he says while making eye contact with George.

They do some neck training using an Iron Neck, a contraption strapped onto their heads attached to cable weights, while discussing more about boxing and the power behind Hall’s punch.

“My punch power is probably the equivalent of a heavy weight boxer, like Tyson,” says Hall.

They end their training session with a cryotherapy session.

“I do this every single day,” says Hall.

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