TOMBOGO Joins Forces With New Era to Release Limited Cargo Caps

Bay Area designer Tommy Bogo, founder of apparel and accessories label TOMBOGO, is teaming up with New Era on a selection of Cargo Caps.

Using the classic headpiece as a base, the multi-functional hat features an all-black colorway with a pair of matching detachable cargo pockets that can be snapped or unsnapped. The pockets can also be swapped for other utility attachments such as a storm Hood. Each storm hood was hand-tailored with Escobar Tailors in San Francisco, California.

Bogo is also joining forces with StockX to release the caps as part of the sneaker market’s DropX program. These editions feature more customizable versions of the cargo caps with vintage patch options. Moreover, a friends and family version featuring the insignias of Major League Baseball teams such as the Los Angeles Dodgers and Oakland Athletics are also purveyed in the series.

The blank and logo versions are currently available on TOMBOGO’s website for $120 USD apiece with the storm hood option dropping soon. The customizable variant is also up for grabs on StockX’s website.

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