Thrifty mum batch cooks 33 meals for just £1 each and shows easy ways you can HALF your food bill too – The Sun

A mum has revealed her thrifty secrets to how she manages to batch cooks 33 meals for just £1 each.

Katie Watkins, 31, took a pay cut when she went on maternity leave and decided to pull back on certain essentials such as food – which she has stuck to ever since.

Revealing all on her social media pages, Katie Saves, she now makes meals for as cheap as 64p each and has admitted it's all down to planning and smart supermarket trips.

The mum-of-one confirmed she has cut her food bill down from £70 to £35 per fortnight for her, her husband Luke and their two-year-old daughter Elise.

"Food is the biggest cost to us after bills, so it was the most obvious area for us to try and cut down," Katie, from South Wales, said.

"We do still enjoy a takeaway once a month, but that’s the motivation to stick to our meal plan."

First things first, Katie decides on her meal plan and then heads to budget supermarkets to buy vegetables and staple produce, before buying her meat online.

Katie uses retailer to bulk-buy the most expensive part of her meals, and then spends her time on Sundays cooking.

The savvy spender ensures she weighs out the correct portions before separating the meals into containers so that she and her family can eat them later in the week.

"I’m not an adventurous cook so I stick to what I know and things that I know will work well when it comes to bulk cooking," she added.

Speaking about why she wanted to share her tips with other people, she continued: "I started off my Instagram page and blog because I knew there was a great community on there, and it also helps me keep track of my money goals.

"I share my savings goals and the tips and tricks I use because it means that I then have to stick to them as people are watching me do it.

"I have lots of people message me saying how much I help them and that’s such a nice feeling, because it means that I’m not just doing this all for me."

Katie's blog can be found here and to view her Instagram page, click here.

Katie's Budget Meals

  • Slow Cooker Spaghetti & Meatballs – £0.64 a portion (serves 6)
  • Moroccan Beef – £0.77 a portion (serves 4)
  • Onepot Chicken & Mushroom – £1.13 a portion (serves 5)
  • Sausage Pasta Bake – £0.71 a portion (serves 5)
  • Chinese Chicken Curry – £1.21 a portion (serves 4)
  • Chicken, Rice & Veg – £1.09 a portion (Serves 6)
  • Chilli Beef – £2.52 (serves 3)

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