This 'Life-Changing' Accessory Has Sneakily Been Taking Over Hollywood for Years

If you’re gearing up for a busy summer, you’re not alone. Travel is starting to pick up again as people fulfill the wanderlust that’s been hanging around for a year and some change. Similarly, concerts, dinner outings, and relaxing evening walks — basically, all the little and/or big things that were put on hold during the pandemic — are destined to come back roaring in 2021.

Good thing Blake Lively, Alessandra Ambrosio, Zendaya, Taylor Swift, and Reese Witherspoon have the perfect little accessory that’ll come in handy for whatever’s on your agenda. For years, the Bandolier Crossbody Phone Case and Wallet has taken over Hollywood, but we think 2021 is going to be its biggest year yet. Upcoming summer activities probably require a hands-free accessory, and this celeb-loved option is one of the most practical there is.

The Bandolier is two for one — a phone case and a wallet — with a simple concept that’ll massively improve the way you carry your valuables. The sleek case, made from a durable pebbled leather, features a snap closure pocket on the back to hold your cards, identification, and cash. But what makes this wallet phone case all the more impressive is this: It comes with an adjustable, detachable leather strap that converts it into a crossbody wallet phone case. That means you can sling it over either shoulder or across your chest for even easier access to your phone and money.

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The convenience of the Bandolier wallet is undeniable. There’s a reason Ambrosio almost never leaves the house without hers (if you take a look at her outfits over the past few years, you’ll spot the Bandolier in almost all of them). Lively, who usually juggles holding her kids, a dog leash, and Ryan Reynolds’ hand while out and about, has also relied on her Bandolier to keep her hands free. 

Celebrities aren’t the only ones enthralled by it, either. Hundreds of Amazon shoppers are ditching their purses for the accessory that’s been called “life changing,” “the best for traveling,” “a major lifesaver,” and “the best invention ever.” The price may be steeper than what you’re used to for a phone case or wallet, but the collective agreement seems to be that it’s 100 percent worth it.

If you’ve ever struggled with where to keep your valuables while traveling or running errands, the Bandolier is for you. Shop it below to see why so many celebs — and Amazon shoppers — never leave the house without it.

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