This Inspiring Skin-Positive Influencer Calls Her Acne "A Blessing In Disguise"

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Acne is normal. It seems pretty obvious right? Yeah lol not in the moment it doesn’t. I’ve been meaning to post this for a few days and honestly I haven’t been able to think of a very positive uplighting message for this post because I do feel a bit eh because of my skin. But that’s the point I guess, although I feel dispirited, although I’m having low key anxiety attacks worrying about my acne coming back, although my makeup isn’t sitting the way I want it to, although my biggest insecurity is on full show, I now recognise that acne is nothing to be ashamed off. It’s just your body doing it’s own thang (a very annoying thang but lol nevermind). It might not be a massive improvement, but this change in mindset is such a massive stepping stone for me, and I hope that in some way this can help someone out there start loving themselves regardless of their insecurities ❤️ it is easier said than done, honestly I had to force being positive for a while, but gradually you will start to accept and believe what your saying. Baby steps my friends, baby steps✨?

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It takes courage to struggle with acne on your own, let alone share your journey with thousands of people on the internet. But Kaschan Rebuar, a 22-year-old university student, decided to do just that to document her skin progress. Her intent when she started her Instagram account @my.acne.diary wasn’t to connect with so many other people dealing with the same thing she was — she just wanted to track her own acne progress on the platform. What Rebuar ended up doing was attracting an audience of over 6,000 followers and inspiring others through self-love and acne-positivity.

Rebuar started experiencing acne when she was 11 years old on her back and chest but because it wasn’t noticeable to others, she didn’t pay much attention to it — until it got much worse. “It started to get painful to lie down flat on my back,” Rebuar told POPSUGAR. “That was when I first started to become insecure about it, roughly age 12, and it started to hinder parts of my life, like going to swimming classes because I was too embarrassed.”

That went on for years, only seeing temporary progress from different creams and antibiotics her doctor prescribed her, until her face started to breakout when she was 16. “It started with my forehead, then slowly started to take over my whole face, to a point where it became difficult to see anything but bumps of redness on my face,” said Rebuar. “Since then, I’ve been struggling with acne primarily on my face.” That was six years ago.

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