This Clay Mask Stick Unclogs Pores and Blackheads in Less Than 5 Minutes

For years, I’ve relied on one powder clay mask to unclog my pores and reduce blackheads. While I’ll always keep this mask in my rotation, having to mix it with water before each application has gotten tedious —and left my sink lightly dusted with powder every time. Luckily, the beauty world keeps revealing ingenious ways to simplify your skincare regimen, and the Neogen Canadian Pore Clay Mask Stick is a prime example. 

The pore purifying formula comes in a compact, twist-up tube that can be applied straight onto the skin. It’s composed of naturally occuring mineral clay — also known as Canadian Colloidal Clay — alongside 50 other effective ingredients, including moringa, tea tree oil, charcoal powder, and hydrolyzed collagen. With each use, the mask claims to clean out blackheads and whiteheads, smooth skin texture, and firm. 

When I first tried the pore stick, I noticed a cooling sensation as I glided it across my skin — likely from the tea tree oil. The mask can be applied to the entirety of the face, but I prefer to target areas where my pores are largest, such as my nose, cheeks, and forehead. As it dries down, the clay absorbs sebum, and you’ll see all your individual pores coming through the mask. 

The formula has a gritty texture, which helps exfoliate your skin when it’s time to rinse. Unlike other clay masks, this one melts off the skin as soon as you start splashing your face with water — in other words you don’t have to stand over the sink endlessly just to get it off. 

Running my fingers over my nose revealed my bumpy, clogged pores now felt baby skin smooth. The rest of my face felt firmer, but not dried out. After several more uses, I noticed my skin was less dull, and my foundation went on effortlessly with little noticeable texture.

If you’re struggling with clogged pores and large blackheads, I’d recommend giving the Neogen Canadian Clay Pore Stick a try. It’s compact enough to easily be stored away, yet holds enough product to last months. Grab a tube for $33 on

Neogen Canadian Pore Clay Mask Stick

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