There’s a lipstick nestling in the lips in this picture, can YOU spot it in under 15 seconds?

BEAUTY fans across the UK are being challenged to find the lipstick hidden within the lips in this tricky brainteaser. 

The record time to beat is just 15 seconds – so how long will it take you?

The colour illustration has been created by Professional Beauty Direct as they release advice to salon owners ahead of them potentially reopening their doors in July.

In March, businesses were told to close in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Now many are planning to reopen under the ‘new normal ’from the start of July – however it's still uncertain what the future may look like to them.

Rosie Barrington, Senior Client Handler at InEvexco and Professional Beauty Direct (in West Malling), said: "In preparation for the reopening of salons, we have advised salon owners to carry out a risk assessment initially and then to look at guidelines that have been issued by industry associations. 

Last month salons across Europe recorded record numbers of bookings as they began reopening following the relaxing of lockdown restrictions.

Rosie hopes this will be mirrored in the UK. “To begin with, bookings may be online so customers will have to book in advance for their treatments and walk-ins may be a thing of the past. 

“Discounts may also be hard to come by as salons owners will have to factor in costs of PPE and other safety/cleaning supplies plus many may have to reduce their appointments slots to allow treatment rooms to be aired and sanitised between clients. 

“The salons may have longer opening hours to cater for the demand instead. Initially, there may be a new normal in the industry but given time this is one area of the economy that will recover.”

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