The secret to staying young is having regular sex… lube is good too, even if you don't need it, says Aggie MacKenzie, 65

THE secret to staying young is having regular sex. I believe that along with keeping your mind and body in shape, it’s important to stay sexually active.

And as long as you feel fit, there’s no reason for sex to stop – but desire has a lot to do with it. For women who’ve been in the same relationship for a long time and they don’t fancy their partner any more, that’s kind of it.

But I know lots of women my age who are now divorced, and they’re up for it big time! I have a lover and one of my friends who’s 63 has a lover of 32!

You’ve just got to be open and up for it. I didn’t experience dryness with the menopause, but lube is lovely to use, even if you don’t need it.

Having therapy shone a light on my relationship with Kim Woodburn.

I went to see a therapist because I was going through a bad time in my marriage, but after a few sessions

I started talking about my relationship with Kim [former co-presenter on How Clean Is Your House?] and I realised I had more problems there than I did with my husband [company MD Matthew Goulcher, 57, who she split from in 2010].

Working with her was stressful and I kept my distance when the cameras were off.

If things were going well on set, rows would then start, perhaps because that’s what Kim knew best – how to be upset, enraged, angry.

Her childhood was horrendous, so I understood where her behaviour came from, but I had to suffer for that.

I’ll always judge a man by how clean his house is.

There was one bloke I went out with who was a bit grubby. Not in himself, but I don’t think he ever cleaned his bathroom.

His sink looked like he kept coal in it. It’s OK dipping in and out of that, because you’re not living in it, but you definitely think: “Urgh, I wouldn’t like to hang around here too much.”

As long as the sheets aren’t smelly, I get on with it, but in that kind of environment, you expect to see mice creeping out from under the cooker!

I’m allergic to Instagram.

I can’t be arsed with it. I’d rather be around family and friends in real life. But good luck to cleanfluencers like Mrs. Hinch.

I think: “Well done! You’ve found a way to make a good living out of this – that’s great!” I won’t knock it. I think it’s interesting for the younger generation to be into cleaning.

I’d just say, don’t get obsessed about it – it shouldn’t be the most important thing in life.

You feel more relaxed in a clean, tidy house.

If there is heaps of rubbish and dust, it’s horrible.

Living in chaos and filth makes you feel out of control and overwhelmed.

It’s about respecting yourself and anyone who comes to your house.

Keeping your environment clean-ish and tidy-ish gives you peace of mind.

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