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STRICTLY star Maisie Smith now ‘oozes’ body confidence and her body language now shows a dramatic difference to her previous ‘low levels of self esteem’, says an expert. 

The EastEnders actress, 19, has also started to wear vibrant red shades of clothing and is opting for bold fashion statements.

Maisie recently revealed she was faking her confidence in the ballroom competition and admitted she is ‘very insecure’ about her legs in a candid Instagram post.

But the star, who is currently competing in the BBC show with pro dancer Gorka Marquez, says she is now learning to embrace ‘her flaws’ and is working on ‘loving her body.’

She also confessed that she has gained weight since starring on the show due to her increased appetite and intense dance training.

But according to body language expert Judi James, there is a complete dramatic switch between Maisie’s non-verbal signals of body confidence before and after appearing on Strictly.


Judi says this snap cleverly conceals nearly the whole of Maisie’s figure- – hinting at a self-diminished nature.

The expert says: ‘Maisie sits cross-legged here in a pose that hides or conceals nearly her entire body.

‘It’s a rather childlike and vulnerable-looking pose and hugely self-diminished. Even with her legs crossed she still crossed.

While the body language expert said Maisie has chosen to crop her body out of this pre-Strictly snap.

She adds: ‘The way Maisie poses here suggests some self-confidence about her facial features but none about her body, which she has cropped out of the shot.

‘The pose suggests we should focus on her facial features, especially her eyes, and ignore the rest.’

Judi also believes Maisie would clevely angle her poses – showing signs of low self esteem and body confidence in her Instagram snaps before Strictly Come Dancing.

She says: ‘The way Maisie stands here, with one foot ahead of the other and her legs nearly crossed at the ankles suggests low levels of self-esteem in terms of her body shape.

‘She even holds her bag out tentatively in front of her in what looks like a distraction ritual. That dazzling smile is missing, too.’

After analysing some of Maisie’s photos, Judi also pointed out that the actress appeared keen to come across ‘sophisticated’.

She comments: ‘This is a very grown-up, closed-lip smile from the teenage Maisie, suggesting she’s trying to look sophisticated rather than just having fun.

‘Her hands are clasped in front of her torso in a barrier and she’s cropped those legs out of shot again.’

While Judi also points out that Maisie previously avoided facing the camera ‘full on’ – showing her lack of body confidence.

She says: ‘Her torso is turned away from the camera here in a part avoid and her hands are clasped up at her waist in a very tentative-looking pose.’


In comparison, in some of Maisie’s snaps during her time on Strictly, her body language shows an improved confidence.

Judi says: ‘Maisie’s raised chin here shows increased levels of confidence in her appearance and she uses a hair-preen gestures to add to the look.

‘Those tight green shorts make a feature of her amazing, muscular legs and she looks as though she’s enjoying the attention they will be getting.’

Judi also commented on Maisie’s recent gym snap; where the star showed off her toned athletic physique.

The body language expert says: ‘This gym pose is the ultimate celebrity look and it is oozing with confidence as she even glances into a mirror to admire her own stretched and flexed body shape as she works out.

‘Her torso is square to camera here and she’s displaying physical strength as well as emotional confidence.

‘Her squared shoulders and raised chin suggest pride in her appearance now.’

Another snap of Maisie working out in the gym made it to her Instagram feed.

The actress is tensing and exaggerating her muscles, a clear sign of body confidence, says Judi.

She adds: ‘Maisie is posing to exaggerate her curves and her muscles here, even tensing them to make them stand out more. Her feet are splayed, making a feature of her legs.’

Judi says Maisie’s poses with Gorka suggest he encouraged her fun, teenage side, which in turn appears to have helped her lose any inhibitions about her body shape.

She adds: ‘Working with professional dancers would have allowed her to see her very muscular curves as a thing to be admired and featured rather than hidden, too.

‘Maisie also lost the tendency to pose in a way that was a little too old for her, here she just enjoys herself and has fun!’


While stylist Abbey Booth – who runs Stories With Clothes says Maisie has really ‘come into her own’ with her fashion recently.

The stylist believes Maisie is choosing to wear statement fiery red shades as well as opting for sleeker outfits and ditching her baggy street style – as her confidence grows.

She says: ‘It's always a joy to see a woman truly celebrating her body whilst also being honest about sometimes struggling with body confidence, self-love and not just seeing her perceived 'flaws' as Maisie Smith has highlighted in some of her posts on instagram.

‘Maisie seems to have really come into her own during Strictly Come Dancing – maybe it's the dancing which is releasing those happy endorphins or maybe it has something to do with her fabulous, colourful and sparkly outfits.

‘She is really embracing her inner confidence and letting that shine through her outfit choices both on and off the stage and by being honest and open with her audience she is giving permission for other women to feel the same, which is so uplifting.’

‘Black is a very powerful, dominant colour and for some skin tones can be ageing as black looks for black so will highlight lines, shadows and roots if you dye your hair.’

Abbey also says that Maisie has been showing her energy and fun personality through patterned clothing with unusual cuts.

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