The everyday items you should NEVER wash together – from tea towels & towels to bedsheets & clothes

MANY people will separate out their light and dark clothes when it comes to laundry but did you know there are items that should never be put together. 

For example, towels and tea towels should not be combined at all, according to a laundry expert. 

Here are the items you should avoid putting together if you want them to remain pristine and germ-free…

Tea towels with towels

According to Better Homes and Gardens, washing household towels in the same wash can transfer germs between the items.

Tea towels are used in the kitchen and are constantly in close contact with a variety of surfaces which attract a whole lot of bacteria.

This can easily be transferred to bath and hand towels if they share the same laundry load – and that's kind of gross, and not at all hygienic.

Towels may not be cleaned properly if you wash with cold water or not enough washing detergent – so it's best to avoid mixing altogether.

Luckily, bath towels can be washed in water as hot as 90 degrees – the hotter the better to ensure you skill all bacteria.

Bath mats with clothes

Similar as to towels, you should make sure bath mats are separate and fully cleaned during their cycle.

To avoid bacteria spreading, wash bath mats in a 40 degree wash or higher, and on a typical spin cycle. 

Sheets with clothes

You may want to wash your sheet along with your weekly wash, but perhaps you should think twice. 

Due to their large size, sheets can often roll into a wall in the washer or dryer, which can trap smaller items inside. 

When they get trapped, they don’t have an opportunity to rub against each other, which is part of the process of laundry washing.

It can also mean items trapped inside come out the dryer wet, if the outside sheet appears dry.

Lingerie with anything

It may be extra effort, but separating your bras from the rest of your laundry load can protect the entire load. 

Bra hooks can snag on clothing, and they can also lose their shape or stretch if being span around with the load. 

Wash these by hand and lay them flat to dry to prevent stretching. 

Denim jeans

As any diehard skinny jean fans will know, a quick once through the washing machine will get them skin-tight again in no time.

However, Levi's recommends washing jeans around once a month and treating the odd stain individually rather than washing the whole item.

A spokesperson for the denim brand told the Independent: "Denim is a hard-wearing and durable fabric – it doesn't need to be washed as frequently as believed.”

You may think chucking them in the washing machine is all you have to do to keep your jeans in tip-top shape.

But denim experts insist that the key to maintaining the colour and fade of your favourite denim is by washing them inside out.

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