The actress from 13 Going On 30 shares a glimpse inside her glamorous life as she now approaches her milestone birthday

WE all grew up watching 13 Going On 30, dreaming of what our lives would be like when we were finally adults ourselves. 

But prepare to feel old as the actress who plays the teenage Jenna Rink, Christa Allen, has shared a glimpse inside her glamorous life – as she approaches the milestone birthday herself. 

Sharing a clip to TikTok, Christa said: “People be like, weren’t you the 13-year-old in 13 Going on 30?

“Yup. And I’m almost 30 now. Feel old yet?”

The feel-good flick was released in 2004, and tells the story of 13-year-old Jenna, who hates life as a teenager in 1987. 

She dreams of being a successful and sophisticated adult, but her wish comes true when she wakes up 17 years in the future, as a 30-year-old. 

The film, starring Jennifer Garner as the older Jenna, instantly became a cult classic, and made us appreciate what was left of our childhood. 

Christa was in fact 13 when she starred in the movie, which was her breakout role, and fans are amazed at how much she looks like her on-screen counterpart, Jennifer, now 48, as she gets older.  

Christa often references the film on social media, even wearing Jenna’s iconic striped dress as she recreated the party scene where they dance to Michael Jackson’s thriller. 

“I am so grateful, and still so grateful to be a part of that film, and that we get to share it now,” she said. 

As well as dressing up as the older Jenna, Christa also recreates her 80’s teenage outfits from the film, complete with over-the-top blue eyeshadow, scrunchies and chunky belts.

Her nostalgic videos have racked up millions and millions of views, as fans couldn’t believe ‘Jenna’ was finally turning 30.

Commenting on her clips, one fan raved: "This is iconic. I'm crying."

Another wrote: "My favourite movie!! It shaped my teen years."

A third commented: "So iconic this movie is seriously my favourite. I can watch it over & over and it never gets old!!"

This person said: "Can we get another 13 going on 30 where they use all her young scenes from the original movie but then use her as 30 year old Jenna too."

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