Teen wears stunning prom dress to tourist spot and stumbles across photographer

Student Jasmine Dauphine, like many others, missed out on a school milestone – prom.

But not one to dwell on things, Jasmine, 18, decided to buy a stunning prom dress anyway and wear it to mark the lost occasion.

Wearing a custom-made dress from Lunss and a headpiece she made herself, Jasmine headed to Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial with her sister.

The pair wanted to create a regal photoshoot – think Met Gala and other extravagant award shows.

Luckily for Jasmine, also visiting the tourist spot was photographer Isabella Ortiz.

The Florida-based photographer is accustomed to shooting weddings but couldn’t help snap a few pics of the beautiful Jasmine.

Together, they ended up creating an epic set of photos that immediately went viral.

Though the occasion happened back in June, during prom season, Jasmine recently shared the images on Twitter.

The pictures, taken by 24-year-old Isabella and Jasmine’s sister, received more than 500,000 likes.

Like Jasmine, Isabella was also overwhelmed with all the love online.

She told us how exactly the dreamy photoshoot came to be.

Isabella explained to Metro.co.uk: ‘I was visiting Washington D.C. for the very first time. On the way to the Lincoln Memorial, I noticed Jasmine from afar and the creative in me was like “oh my God, I have to take a picture of her!”

‘I simply walked up to her and kindly asked, praying she would say yes. I was like “Oh my goodness you look so beautiful, can I please take a picture of you?” She kindly accepted and literally made my day!

‘In regards to the reception of the pictures, honestly, I’m completely shocked. It just feels so unreal.

‘It’s so crazy because when I saw Jasmine that day I knew she was someone super special. I am 10000% certain she captured not only my attention but everyone’s attention that day with her beauty.

‘Jasmine is straight-up stunning. I remember rushing back home so excited to edit the pictures because I just couldn’t wait to share with her the amazing photos!’

They are amazing indeed.

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