Sunbathing Brits show off their terrible flip-flop foot tans after enjoying the scorching lockdown heatwave

WITH record-breaking temperatures soaring just shy of 30 degrees, sun-hungry Brits have been out in full force to top up their tans.

And while many took time to protect themselves, some have been left with hilarious tan lines after wearing the same footwear throughout coronavirus lockdown. 

One woman started the trend on Facebook of revealing her dodgy feet tan line and admitted she is embarrassed to head back to work after furlough to showcase her stripey feet. 

She shared a picture of her contrasting white feet and tanned legs while wearing a pair of nude ballet pumps. 

The user posted in the Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas Facebook group, writing: ‘As this group is for tips and advice…

‘My advice is not to wear the same pair of shoes for most of Lockdown as when you have to go back to work you will come to regret it.’

The hilarious thread instantly raked up nearly 30,000 likes and thousands of comments with strangers sharing their hilarious white feet with dodgy tan lines. 

Another woman shared her ankle tan line from wearing a pair of sliders throughout the whole of coronavirus lockdown. 

A user commented: ‘Hilarious! Mine aren't any better though, my sandal tan is dreadful!I thought you were wearing socks until I saw your toes.’

Meanwhile another woman  admitted her whole body had a strange tan line – and she had sunbathed so that a quarter of her shin and half her face had a golden glow while the rest of her body remained pale. 

Many users admitted they have ‘running feet’ tan lines while lots of Brits showed off their statement flip flop tan lines. 

However a number of men commented this was a yearly summer occurrence for them as they joked about their regular golf shoes tan line. 

Thousands continued to share their dodgy feet tan lines with many admitting the funny thread has made their day. 

One wrote: "Been there, done that."

Another added: "This has made my day!"

A third was more positive, writing: "At least it's just the feet… Could be a LOT worse – most people this summer are looking red."

Another revealed their embarrassing tan, admitting: "I had gladiator sandals one year, my feet looked like a apple strudel lattice!"

Many found their stripey tan lines hilarious, while over Facebook users were keen to offer suggestions as to how the sun worshippers could hide their burnt bits. 

Suggestions included slapping on some Dove moisturiser with fake tan in it or using a blusher brush to blend in the mismatched lines. 

Another idea included just telling anyone who questioned the striped skin tones that you had just been really scrubbing your feet in the bath.

Millions of Brits have been soaking up the sun at home and making the most of the weather as thousands of abroad holidays for a blast of extra-strong radiation were cancelled. 

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