‘Stunning’ daughter claims her mum is ‘prettier’ than her…and people are desperate to know if either of them are single

TIKTOK is full of lookalike mums and daughters – but one pair in particular are wowing social media users.

A girl has claimed in a viral video on the site that her very youthful-looking parent was more attractive than her.

The poster, called Shiri, joked: "When your mom is prettier than you."

In selfie-mode, the camera then pans across a restaurant to her unknowing parent.

Her mum, who is texting away on her phone at the table, then looks up .

Captioning the clip, her daughter added: "How."

The video has been watched more than 6.6 million times, with over 1.1 million leaving 'likes' on the post.

Many, however, suggested that both were on par when it came to looks.

One person wrote: "You both are stunning."

Another commented: "Both perfect."

A third shared: "Both are beautiful."

Several also asked if the pair were both single.

Referring to her mum, one posted: "Ok but is she single."

Another, directly writing to the daughter, added: "So um like I'm single."

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