"Shut . . . Up!" Anne Hathaway Just Took on the Pillow Challenge, Princess Diaries Style

Ladies and gentlemen, kindly join me in bowing down to Anne Hathaway, who just knocked Instagram’s popular #PillowChallenge out of the freakin’ park. The actress channeled her Princess Diaries character, Mia Thermopolis, to take on the social media trend, which challenges participants to transform a pillow into a stylish dress. All I have to say is: “Shut . . . up!”

Whereas most #PillowChallenge acceptors have simply belted one pillow to themselves and called it a day, Anne somehow managed to fashion three cushions — two white and one blue — into a layered gown of sorts, and used accessories to truly unleash her inner Princess of Genovia. The 37-year-old star donned black sunglasses and headphones and wore her hair slicked back, just like she did while posing for the 2001 Disney movie’s official poster. Plus, she slipped into some black combat boots that Mia would definitely approve of. I mean, did she totally nail it or what?!

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