Shoppers Say This Overnight Anti-Aging Cream Is "Sorcery" for Wrinkles and Pores

As someone who's been in the beauty industry for quite a few years now, I can distinctly remember the rise and fall of face masks, back before face coverings gave them competition for the name (simpler times). It was like a parabolic curve from high school pre-calc: What started as a trickle of goopy green formulas quickly escalated into a flood of masks claiming to do it all. For most, the results were short-term at best. Yet where they crawled, Youth to the People's Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask runs. 

In retrospect, it makes sense that the masks of yesteryear didn't do much. There were a few exceptions — formulas that specialize in exfoliating or pore-clearing come to mind — but peel-off masks in particular were a disappointment. Most masks are designed to only sit on your face for ten or so minutes, so it's no wonder that they often wouldn't have the effect they'd claim. 

So I started reading through the Dream Mask's reviews as a cynic. But the product's 400+ five-star ratings are so persuasive, it might just be the mask to make me believe again, not least because it's intended to be left on all night. Earn that bathroom real estate, etc. 

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"Not only is the texture and color of this mask very pleasing, but it works incredibly well," writes one shopper of the whipped, buttery-yellow Dream. "When I wake up in the morning, I can't help but stare at my glowing and hydrated skin." Another person writes they see a "visible improvement in wrinkles immediately," and one more says it's given them the skin they had 20 years ago. 

"At 43, my skin has become dry and dull over the years," continues the latter shopper. "When I use this face cream at night, I awake to the dreamiest and most heavenly glow. The first couple nights of trying it, I saw myself in the mirror the next morning and audibly gasped. My face feels supple, plump and dewy. I've been using this for nine months and I refuse to go a single night without it."

Despite the "mask" designation, myriad reviewers discuss using the Dream Mask as a night cream, milking the full benefits from its combination of squalane and vitamin C (think of it like an amped-up, night version of a vitamin C serum). Those two join with hydrating prickly pear extract and maqui fruit extract, which the brand says is the "most antioxidant dense fruit in the world;" acai fruit extract, goji extract, and moringa leaf extract also come in, as do protective panthenol and vitamin E.   

Tons of people also mention using the mask to combat retinol's dryness, soothing irritation to leave skin feeling glowy, soft, and luxurious. Those with oily skin see just as great benefits as people on the dry side, one person with an abundance of oil and large pores writing that the lightweight texture leaves their skin feeling like silk. Its effect on fine lines, stretch marks, and dark spots also warrants enthusiastic reviews, like two titled "Holy fountain of youth!" and "MAGGGGIIIC IN A JAR." 

"Truly, my favorite overnight mask I've ever owned. It's yellow, berry-smelling sorcery," the second fan wrote. "It's the only mask I've ever used that, when I wake up the next day, I see a PHYSICAL difference in my skin. My dark spots and acne scars are lighter, my super dry skin is replenished, my skin is GLOWING." 

Another shopper writes that the mask is so potent, their skin glows and looks "much younger," redness and uneven tone calmed so much that they're now going makeup-free after trying a free sample. As a last person says, "I put it on before bed and my skin is soft, fine lines less. A little goes a long way, [it] lasts for months. Excellent product." 

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