Shoppers are racing to B&M after bloke reveals he’s picked up a hot plate for 10p which is perfect for Christmas

BARGAIN store B&M is full of items we never knew we needed, whether it's a handy new cleaning product or a Christmas decoration.

One shopper struck lucky when he found a hot plate for dishing up food for an incredible 10p, and fellow B&M fans are rushing to see if they can get their hands on one.

Posting on Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, the B&M shopper said: "B&M Bargains – 10p – Perfect for Christmas!"

He shared a picture of the box and his receipt, showing the price of the bargain buy.

It didn't take long before the impressive find attracted thousands of likes and reactions from other members of the group.

The unbelievably cheap kitchen appliance can be used for keeping food warm while serving up multiple dishes.

The bargain product would definitely take away some of the stress out of preparing a Christmas dinner, removing the need to microwave dishes to keep them warm.

One person commented, "Omggggg well done that man. You are winning at life."

Another B&M lover simply said, "What? That's crazy!??"

A third tagged their friend and said, "This would be ace for Christmas, keep my food warm for when I arrive (laughing face emoji)."

"A couple of those would be like your eating at an all you can eat", another B&M fan said.

An envious bargain hunter said, "I am in shock how you guys find these deals. I have never found ANYTHING like this…."

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