Savvy woman dyes her sofa from dull red to a chic blue in one evening using £5 Wilko product

A SAVVY woman has revealed how she dyed her sofa from a dull red to a chic blue using a £5 Wilko product. 

She showed striking before and after photos of her DIY job and it’s hard to believe it is the same couch. 

In order to achieve the results, she used Dylon Dye Pod fabric dye which can be picked up for a fiver from Wilko. 

Taking to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, she said: “Our red sofa covers were worn out. 

“When I brought the sofa I got a free cream set ..never used them so decided to dye the cream set using Dylon dye.”

The woman said how she had also changed her wallpaper and sprayed her mirror with a silver metallic spray in her home transformation. 

She added for the final room: “We are sooo pleased with the results."

Her post has clearly impressed social media users, and has racked up thousands of likes in under 24 hours. 

One person wrote: “Can’t believe what a difference that has made. It looks lovely well done.”

Another added: “Love it so stylish and classy.”

And one commented: “What a difference, looks amazing, very elegant x great job.”

Previously, a homeowner also used the same brand of dye to turn her stairs from brown to grey in one evening.

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