Sarah Jessica Parker Reflects on How Carrie Bradshaw Might Shop During the Pandemic

If Carrie Bradshaw was around during the coronavirus pandemic, we're pretty sure she would make the world's new must-have accessory (the face mask) a major fashion statement every time she left the house. But Sarah Jessica Parker has a feeling that if she was portraying the iconic Sex and the City character today, her shopping habits would be a little bit different.

"My guess is she wouldn’t be as fevered as it was then, she might discover she needs less," Parker, 55, said in a new cover story with Footwear News.

Even though the New York City shopping experience is completely different due to the pandemic, the SJP Collection designer believes Bradshaw would be leading the charge back to brick-and-mortar stores.

"I have a feeling that she would still be somebody who really loves the experience of walking into a store, especially a store where she has a history, and feeling a connection to something,” Parker said. “She would tell you it’s irrational and silly, a lot of the time, but for her it’s a way of connecting with something that she sees beauty in."

Instead of purchasing of-the-moment designs, Parker could see a modern-day Bradshaw needing less and being "less seduced by a trend or a silly moment." She added: "So my guess is that she would still be a shopper but she would probably look at things differently. I think she would be like, ‘I’m going to invest in this because I’ll have it five, ten years from now.’”

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Despite the challenges surrounding in-person shopping amid COVID-19, Parker opened her SJP Collection flagship boutique in midtown Manhattan this summer. She spends her days visiting the store and helping her customers with their purchases, which has been valuable for her.

"For us in these times it's been a lifeline. To be in the store, it's kind of like an antidote. The best part about retail is the customer. It is truly the most fun, the most surprising, the most mysterious, the most inspiring, is being in the room, on the floor with a customer," Parker said.

Interestingly enough, despite the circumstances with Americans working from home and not going out as frequently, Parker said her top-selling shoe design happens to be a heel. And that gives her hope for a positive future.

"I think part of it is planning for a future which we're all hoping for which is the opportunity to be together again with one another [and] have a reason to dress up or allow yourself something special," she said. "Shoes are a funny thing. I describe them as the punctuation at the end of the sentence."

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