Runners, Teachers, and Waitstaff Say These Recovery Flip-Flops Provide Serious Relief to Sore Feet

Flip-flops aren't the most supportive shoes. Sure, they're comfortable for errands and beach days, but on days when you're walking miles, they're probably not your first choice. But as with most fashion rules, there are always a few exceptions – and Oofos's Ooriginal recovery sandals are flip-flops that defy expectations. 

The unisex sandals have a thick foam sole that's designed to support arches and reduce stress on the ankles, knees, and lower back. They have a wide thong-style strap that makes them easy to slip on and tough to accidentally slip off mid-stride. At $50, they're pricier than your typical summer beach flip-flops, but they also ave nearly 15,000 five-star ratings, plus a considerable number of testimonials from customers who believe they're "worth every penny."

"Can I give these 10 stars? They are a godsend for my plantar fasciitis, which I developed from running in sneakers that I should have replaced much earlier," one reviewer wrote. "This foam is really springy and like nothing I have felt before. The shoe supports the arch directly so all of my weight is on the supported arch, and nothing on the heel. These are *not* a cure for PF but so far they are making my life a lot better!"

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Others have found that the Oofos flip-flops keep them comfortable on days when they're on their feet for hours. "I have severe plantar fasciitis and these are amazing," one shopper said. "I wear these around the house and everywhere I go. I just recently returned from Disney. I wore these both days for 16 hours a day. We walked 13 miles each day and, yes, I was hurting, as were the other people I was with, but nothing near what I would've been feeling had I not worn these."

Even in humid weather, shoppers say that the Oofos sandals don't rub or irritate their skin. Teachers, nurses, and waitstaff all recommend them for the relief they provide, too. They're intended to be worn as recovery shoes – and runners find that they help reduce joint pain.

If you're looking for a comfortable pair of summer shoes, Oofos's recovery sandals are worth a shot. According to one shopper, "it's almost creepy-magical how well they work."

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