PH5 RTW Fall 2021

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“I embraced the comfort of my surroundings and began using my pillows to make shapes on my body, which became a starting point for me and encouraged more design.”

For their fall collection, PH5 designers Wei Lin and Zoe Champion found inspiration in the comfort of their own homes, using pillows to create pillow-shaped padded pockets as a way to take interiors with you, creating a cozy armor. The collection included bold pieces such as a pink pullover vest and also a blue and orange asymmetric dress that comes in navy blue and turquoise. The brand has also gone from 30 to 35 percent to 91 percent of the materials used being consciously sourced, including recycled viscose and spandex, which after much testing gives the same feel and wear as the brand’s highest-volume groups.

PH5 RTW Fall 2021

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