People are raving about making pancake cereal for breakfast & it looks delicious

WHILE the nation is stuck in lockdown, people have been forced to get creative with their food. 

And one craze that is going wild on TikTok is to create cereal made out of tiny pancakes – and it looks incredible. 

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All you need to do is use a frying pan and pancake mixture, and squeeze tiny circles of batter into the pan. 

The circles need to be around the size of a 1p coin, and you need to flip them over once before removing. 

Then you simply add them to a bowl, and add your favourite toppings before eating for breakfast. 

Sam Schnur of The Naughty Fork tried the TikTok craze and told Today: “(A similar dish) has been around for quite awhile in the Netherlands. 

“They're called poffertijes and are usually made with butter and sugar.

"However, I'm using pancake batter, which is a little different, so we can call them mini pancakes."

She recommended paying extra care when flipping them so they don’t stick together. 

Once they are done, Sam said she likes to toss them in butter so they “crisp up together.”

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