People are going mad for Stacey Solomon’s favourite Lazy Susans to organise everything from make-up to kitchen cupboards

WHETHER you follow Stacey Solomon for her relatable parenting methods or ingenious organising tips, one thing's for certain, you too would have fallen in love with the Lazy Susan for all your storage needs.

We first saw the star, 30, show how she uses the turntable to perfectly contain canned goods in her pantry, but she isn't the only one praising thecheap and irresistible hack.

Popular organising duo from The Home Edit, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, are also fans of the the rotating tray – which was originally designedto serve or store food.

In their hit Netflix show Get Organised With The Home Edit, the pairtransform the houses of everyone from the regular working mum to Hollywood stars, and regularly use the clever storage system to restore order in panties, fridges, wardrobes and cabinets

Since it's inception, the typically wooden item has increased in popularity, and now with cheap and versatile acrylic versions in various sizes and styles, it's not hard to see why us regular folk have become obsessed.

One woman followed the likes of organising Queen Stacy and picked up a couple of Lazy Susans from Ikea.

Detailing on Facebook how she keeps her pantry organised, she wrote: "Recently did my quarterly pantry stocktake and did a bit of organising."

Adding: "I find Lady Susans/Turntables are great to keep pantry stock on to utilise space and make it easy to reach for things at the back – an alternative to pullout drawers."

But it's not just pantries where they save on space, as one woman, named Lorenza Stewart-Young, 33, uses a three-tier number to keep her collection of skincare in order.

Sharing a snap of her enviable dresser in the Caroline Hirons Skincare Freaks Facebook group, she wrote: "Can someone please explain to me how I functioned as a human being and skincare freak before this organiser….?"

And added: "I don’t think anything costing 20 squids has brought me more joy in my life. Just waxed lyrical to my husband for ten minutes and made him watch while I turned it round and now he thinks I’ve completely lost it."

Speaking with Fabulous, Lorenza revealed: "The turntable was just from Amazon. I was looking for it because I have been organising my home office and life in general.

"Everything is so mad and out of your own control at the moment it feels good to have control at home- and with all my masses of skincare it was taking up so much space I decided to do something about it."

From make-upto cleaning products and kitchens to bathrooms, the Lazy Susan has started a new trend in home organisation and, in our opinion, it's here to stay.

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